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How to live "In Spirit"

"Inspired = In Spirit"

In thoughts on how to approach this topic (c-virus) I have been keeping you all in mind.

Can I first say thank you to all of my faithful followers. Whether it be through here, the newspaper, HER, Mom's Minute or you attend a yoga class...THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for understanding that this is what I have been called to do... to lift you. I am not going to give up even when it would be so easy to stop in the midst of these uncertain times we are facing.

I was doing my daily meditation this morning and the words today were just that. You were placed here for a reason. Follow your dharma and press on. And, so I will.

I spent all day yesterday filming workouts for ya'll that we will post soon. However,I don't think it is a workout you need from me today.

Today, you need to be inspired. You need to be "IN SPIRIT". Being In Spirit means just that. You are one with your spirit. Your spirit, which will never die, will never leave you. Your spirit which is YOUR SOUL. Today, I want to bring you closer to that so you can feel complete freedom and comfort in knowing that YOUR SPIRIT lives on forever. You can let go of all worries, anxiety and fear when living in spirit. You can become closer to the light (aka universe & God) when you live in spirit.

How do you get there?

Become lighter. Let things go. Laugh more. Do things that bring you bliss. Sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee while looking outside at nature. Make an excellent dinner for yourself being intentional with each food you prepare. Stop what you are doing right now and take three SLOW, DEEP breaths observing the flow of air coming in through your lungs and out. Your breath of LIFE that GOD breathed into you so you could live a life of prosperity and abundance in your physical body on this earth.

Think about the blessings all around you at this very moment. It could be hard. I know you might be in a tough situation- but it can be as small as...Thank you for this breath, thank you for this warm home, thank you for my dog, for my family, for the robins that are back (animals know that good times are just ahead) thank you for phone calls and friends, for enough. Thank you that everything is always working out for me.

Breath in abundance (light) breath out resistance (negative emotions). Do this for at least 2 minutes today. Picture a light shining over you and being poured in you. Visualize your entire body glowing. Sending a blessing to your feet all the way up to your head. Say to your legs "where would you have me go?" Say to your arms "what would you have me do?" Say to your mind "what would you have me say, and to whom?"

When you start to live in spirit and know that the universe is working through you and in you, you begin to feel NO separation. When there is no separation. You have no fear of what the future holds. You know that when you work WITH THE LIGHT the LIGHT WILL WORK WITH AND FOR YOU.

Today May May girl and I are off to get perms. To lift your spirits here is a picture of us before and I will post our after soon! Hoping that will lift your spirits (who gets perms-lol? Um, we do)

AND lastly...you know that I am gonna tell you moving your body ALWAYS helps..

here is a workout for you..(click on the links)






Be Well,


(Tomorrow a YOGA workout for you from our team @POM and @TRI STATE)

***Where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say and to whom" Inspired by Gabby Bernstein


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