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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

LOOKING BACK at some of my motivational write ups for my groups in the past and came across this one . Thought I would share!


WE NEED to start making workout out and meal prepping HABITS – like brushing our teeth and taking a shower….IT HAS TO BE AT THE top of your priority list—it does!! IF YOU DON’T TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF the rest of the things in your life wont happen. You see—YOU must put you first..without our health nothing else matters—I mean yes our kids and families and jobs matter – they do …but if you don’t feel well- that stuff doesn’t get taken care of. TAKING care of YOURSELF is TAKING care of YOUR FAMILY-JOB-SPOUSE-….ok? It just is….Sometimes my passion for this gets tested…there are days that I get belittled—not intentionally – but I do….people think this “little” job of mine is a hobby….It happened to me the other day….where someone said something to me about what I do and as if it was some fun little thing I do and it is so minor in the big picture – I WANTED to say to this person—WITHOUT your HEALTH nothing matters….your money—your intelligence—your job—your important meeting—your this or your that—without your HEALTH non of this will matter…YOU SEE—this is NOT A VANITY thing—when we stop making it about VANITY and TRULY BELIEVE the importance of what we put in our bodies and activity and all of this—when we believe taking care of ourselves is A DAILY TOP priority then this will have positive impacts on our WHOLE life.


So if you are in it to lose weight and look good- that is awesome but really dig down deep and think about why?? Why do you want that—and make sure that you want that for your HEALTH—not for just looking good. I mean that is a bonus but lets start our focus this week on INTENTIONALLY thinking about every thing you put in your body—BE sure that what you are eating/drinking is being used to BENEFIT your body—not your taste buds not your temptations – YOUR FOCUS today is to think about why you are eating what you are eating and drinking……is it benefiting me or am I just famished and grabbing it for the sake of eating???? Does this make sense? Are you with me—


BE INTENTIONAL with all that goes in your body- you will be living in this the rest of your life show it respect and show it gratitude

Xoxo, ad


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