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Is a SIMPLER life really BETTER?

I was feeling ecstatic this month to get the electric bill to see how much money I saved by NEVER using the dryer. My dryer used to run almost every single day. I completely stopped. I hung out loads of laundry through my basement, hiked it out to the clothes line in the snow, spent hours upon hours on this laundry. Want to know what I saved? $4.00. No, not FORTY dollars. FOUR dollars. All of that work on becoming energy efficient and I saved four bucks!

The first of the year I made many changes in my life. I rid of my personal social media accounts.  I decided I would not shop anywhere except for thrift shops. I stopped wearing much makeup. Stopped coloring my hair.  I gave up television during the week for our entire home. Totally stopped using my dryer and any extra energy in the house. I have upped my recycle game and we have built a compost for food scraps. Trying to give back to the earth and to just live a more simplified life.

I am not bragging here. I promise I have a point.

My point is that I am starting to get into a “rut” if you will. I am kind of tired of it all. I am feeling like life could be easier if I just gave into the “luxuries” again. It would feel good to buy myself a new outfit or maybe put on some make up and curl my hair again. Is there a way to live simply and not get, for lack of a better word, bored with it?

Yeah, I don’t like that word either. I do not allow my children to use it. I don’t use it. But right now, I am feeling it. I am feeling kind of bored. Bored with my wardrobe. Bored with my food. Bored with all of this extra work. It would be so much easier to just throw the clothes in the dryer, run the dishwasher, order some take out, put on a movie and just chill out!

Do I just quit all of this nonsense? Is it even making a difference?

I always tell you (and my clients) that when it starts to feel uncomfortable that means it is working. I am uncomfortable. I want to quit...it has to be working right?

How many times do you start something new and are totally excited about it the first few weeks? Then after the “newness” wears off you quit? I know, I am a recovering quitter myself.

So, I will not. I will press on. Soon this will become the norm. I know I am doing better for my family, for myself and for the earth.

Here is to the first part of 2020 living a simpler life each and every day. With simplicity comes freedom. With freedom comes peace. With peace comes that space inside of you filled with complete bliss. That is the place I want to live. How about you?

Be well,


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