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Is food your bff?

Is food your bff?

40% of American’s are overweight. 8% of them are severely obese. Why is this? I started doing some research on this- I found a few things to be true – however then I just decided to stop “researching” what the “professionals” say and just tell you what I feel and think from my heart- my experience with food.

I get it- I do. Food is always around. Food is at weddings, funerals, parties, vacations, you eat with friends to be social you go to dinner with your spouse….food is always there. That is the tough thing with food- it is kind of a drug to some but we need it to survive. With most addictions you just cut it out of your life or try not to be around it but with food…you have to have food to live! So, this makes it extremely hard to balance your way with food if you have made it your comfort in life- you cant just cut it out you need it to live.

Is it your bff? Do you turn to food when stressed? When sad? When happy? When overwhelmed? When bored? Do you feel like you just cant get enough? Do you feel better when you are sitting in front of the tv mowing a bag of your favorite salty or sugary snack? Do you? …….I get it- I do. I was you and still sometimes can be. I know for that brief moment in time you don’t have to think about anything else except how delicious the chips are and how mindless the show is your watching. I get it. It takes the hard things that are happening in your reality away for a moment in time. It makes you not feel the feelings that you don’t want to feel. What a great friend to have.

Until it isn’t. How do you feel about it when you are done. How does it make you feel the next day? Almost ALWAYS it makes you feel bloated and tired and like crap. It makes you feel regret it makes you feel bad about yourself it makes you feel like you have no control and no discipline what so ever. What a great friend…huh?

How can we change our unhealthy bff to a healthy bff?

I will tell you …

One. Day. At. A. Time.

One. Choice. At. A. Time.

One. Meal. At. A. Time.

One. Emotional. Breakdown. At. A. Time.

Baby. Steps.

And really- turning your unhealthy comfort into healthy comfort.

Don’t think about next weekends events and how you will say no to the buffet or the cake- don’t think about it. Think about TODAY! Think about the first thing you will eat today. When feeling a struggle coming on think about WHY? What is making you want to dive into those candies? Are you upset? Bored? Are you really hungry or is it just there? MINDFULLNESS….do you really want that too eat? How will you feel after you indulge? Will you feel lighter and happier or heavier and upset with yourself. One bad choice can lead to many- BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS- ONE GOOD CHOICE AT A TIME CAN LEAD TO MANY GOOD CHOICES.

Today- think about every single thing you are putting into your mouth…..Make your BFF something else… something that makes you feel good… My new bff’s are

✔A great book

✔EXERCISE- I cant say this enough!!!!!! Move your body when stressed it helps SO MUCH!!

✔Call a friend

✔WRITE IT DOWN- write down your feelings in a journal and why you feel this way

✔Go for a walk

✔Play a game with the fam

✔Meal prep for the next day

✔Look up healthy recipes (www.healthyhairdresseraddie.com)

✔FACE your fear- look your stress or doubt right in the eye and just DEAL WITH IT! Talk it out with someone if need be talk to ME!

***say no to your crappy bff one choice at a time and you will be amazed at the change it makes in your life. ***

I can push you through guys- I can- I have struggled many years with this bff. Help me help you change your way of thinking and give you ideas on how to overcome leaning on food as comfort.

Things that will happen when you confront your unhealthy bff..


*less self doubt

*less anxiety

*more energy

*more consistency with other things in life

*looser clothing

*happier thoughts

*less edginess

*less stress



…let me hear about ONE Thing you overcame today!


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