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"The Reason for LIVING IS GIVING"❤️ ✅My motto as I slide into my 38th year this week... 🙋Giving back to those who follow me and so thankful for the support. I am so lucky to have so many people in my life whether we are personally friends or FB friends that have supported me since day one of this journey. 💋If you follow me FOR THE GREAT INFO I am so happy that it is helping you! 😎If you follow me waiting just waiting for me to quit or fail...that is fine too! #hatersgonnahate 🙏I have come to terms just recently that not everyone is going to see me for me... they are going to see me for what they want to see and I can not change that in any way. I can try. I can fight my truth until I am blue in the face...but what is the good in that, really? What is the point in trying to convince people that you are what you say you are and not what they "think" you are. ☝️I know putting myself and my life out there is going to raise some eyebrows, I know that. I am not trying to make bff's with everyone though. I will speak my truth always and live for what I believe. I will not beg people in my life anymore to see me for the good that I hope I am trying to be. 🧘‍♀️I am doing all I do to help OTHER's which does in turn HELP ME. There is nothing wrong with wanting good things for yourself. I happen to find my joy and happiness with sharing health. Yes, I get kickbacks from it but what the hell is wrong with that? Do you not make money at your job too? ✅This is my job and I love it! I am challenged on the daily with it as well. Many times...MANY times that I want to quit because of the backlash I have gotten and still get... but, I don't. #ipresson 🤩I live this 38th year with the intention of this.. "IT is what it is NOT what I think it SHOULD BE, They are who they are NOT WHO I THINK THEY SHOULD BE, They think what they think not WHAT I THINK THEY SHOULD THINK." Their has been so much peace in NOT trying to prove myself anymore....I stand firm in WHO I AM and NOT WHO YOU THINK I SHOULD BE.🙌 💃Cheers, Ad **** todays give back is this.. NO LETTUCE SALADS- they are da bomb people..check em out here.!!