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Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Oh Monday…….why do we give you such a bad rep? How come Friday gets all the credit and poor old Monday is just kicked to the curb- like we could take it or leave it, really? I mean, no one ever says “TGI-M” or Woohoo for the WEEK to begin! Yep, Mondays really do get all the bad cred’s…..why though? Well, I guess because we are so excited for Friday because we have worked all week- worked out everyday and ate, for the most part healthy- so on Friday’s we get to relax a little—let our hair down, have some fried fish and a brandy ole fashion….we get to know that for the next two days we are home free!! Saturday is good too- we have off and do fun things with family and friends then Sunday comes and its great full of faith and food and fam again! But then, it comes again, Sunday night—knowing full well that 5 am alarm is going off on Monday morning to start the MONDAY routine again. Now, I guess some of us like Mondays, I actually do, but I used to HATE THEM!! I hated feeling bloated and tired and crappy on Monday mornings—I always overdid it on the weekends and tried to start again on MONDAY……but what if we could change this. What if we could find a way to look FORWARD to Monday?!?!? Would that not be so great??? Well, guess what? We can!! And we will!! Here is my advice to you Manic Monday haters—- Do this…….Find a buddy – find someone like a friend or spouse/partner or even your kids and set a date with them every Monday. Monday after work/school you are going to mix up a MOCKtail—yes a MOCKTAIL (watch the sugar and cals) and you are each going to come to the table with a healthy recipe and ingredients (so two recipes) that will feed both of your families (scroll through my page and find a few) while drinking your Mocktail and having good conversation you are then going to get this meal prep in the oven or on the stove a cookin and you both will bring a 20 minute or less workout to eachother(or pick two from my page) do these workouts together while dinner is going and then when you are complete you either will enjoy your dinner together or you will take both of these made dinners home one to freeze and one to feed your fam. HOW FUN! WHAT a GREAT way to look forward to MONDAY!! YAYY!!

MOCKTAIL MONDAY- MEAL-PREP Monday—MOVE IT MONDAY****LOOK out FRIDAY there is a new favorite day in town and it is called THANK GOODNESS ITS MONDAY!!!

Mocktail: drink my green detox smoothie : 1/2 spinach 1/2c ice 1/2 c cucumber 1/2 c frozen pineapple 1 tsp coconut oil and juice of a lime 1 cup coconut water and little water to top it off and blend great way to detox that weekend out of your system and move into the week!!

Happy Monday folks—make it great—try this—no for real do it…..


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