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Low Carb Bagel

I have said it a million times– I don’t agree with low carb – fat free– keto– or whatever other fad diet is out there- I DO EAT carbs– but I am picky on my carbs as I want the nutritional value to be high if I am going to eat them…BUT SOMETIMES I want a bagel!!! And a normal bagel has essentially NO nutritional value and does NOT keep you full……

Here is a better recipe I have found – taking over my past Fat Head Bagel……I have followed Peace Love and Low Carb and this recipe is based on one of hers but I revised it to fit my needs!

You will need…

2 Cups of either ALMOND FLOUR OR GARBANZO BEAN flour (depends on YOUR NEEDS)

MIx 2 eggs with the flour with hand mixer as best you can

In a microwave safe bowl Microwave 3 CUPS of shredded Mozzarella and 5 TBS of cream cheese for one minute 30 seconds and stir then 1 minute and stir

Mix BOTH OF THESE together with your hand mixer– IT gets STICKY and clumps up so you will have to stop and go to get this mixed all the way……..

This will be very sticky to work with but IT CAN BE DONE……once mixed divide into 6 balls roll out and connect ends to make bagel shape….top with egg wash (just mix one egg and brush this on top) i then also sprinkled everything but the bagel on this.

BAKE on Parchment paper at 425 for about 12 minutes

****NOTE : I totally forgot the baking soda– so they were not fluffy they were dense but I THOUGHT THEY WERE DELICIOUS — if you want fluffier add 1.2 tbs baking soda! And let me know how they are!


The carbs are for sure half of a normal bagel — the fat content is higher BUT the nutritional value is so much better with HIGHER PROTEIN and HIGHER FIBER!!


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