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Manic Monday?

I don't want to start every week with "Monday Motivation" for the tag so this week Manic Monday it is!

Do not let it be just another Manic Monday my friends.

Wake up and HOP out of bed in the knowing that YOU, YES YOU have created your day. You are creating you're tomorrow as we speak.

So, I guess my question is, do you like what you see? Do you like what you are living? If so, then I know you must be in the know that you can create your days to exactly what you want. If not, then you have the POWER TO CHANGE IT RIGHT NOW.

The only time that exists is the NOW. Embrace the NOW- don't look to far ahead or behind you just be happy with RIGHT NOW what is in front of you at this moment. What is good? You're breathing, it is summer, you have internet, electricity, the internet to check this uplifting message? right? You likely have food to eat today and a shower that will offer you warm water? Sometimes it easy to just start with those little things to be grateful for and list em off. The more you are aware of how good you have it the more GOOD WILL SHOW UP IN YOUR LIFE!

You should be waking up every day excited for what adventures you are going to be going on. Excited to see the sun or the rain. Excited to let your light shine. Excited to see the abundance, the joy ,the Peace that is unfolding right now for you if you just LET IT IN for goodness sakes. LET THE WELL BEING IN YOU! Open the flood gates and let that love pour right in you and all around you. You have the choice.

What if I am stuck? What if there is a lot of bad sh#t going on in my life right now, Addie? What if I can't find the good, the Peace, the love? What if it is not there?

I know that is what some of you are thinking right at this moment. But YOU THINKING THAT IS PREVENTING IT FROM COMING IN....it is stopping it...blocking it. YOU are ultimately turning away any good that is meant for you by thinking that it is not there. I ASSURE YOU IT IS THERE and it is MEANT FOR YOU!

Today, I want you to picture your desire, goal, wish, whatever you want to call it. The thing that you are seeking that will bring you WHOLENESS within. Picture it like a beautiful cloud that is above you and you are below looking up to it wanting it to pour in through you. Now, all you have to do to attract it to you is to think POSITIVE thoughts right NOW- in the gift of the present. Think love, prosperity, health, wealth... imagine it consuming you. Imagine NO separation now between you and the beautiful, light, fluffy cloud of all you seek. It is pouring into you. Feel it. Now every time, this is very important, every single time that you think a resistant thought (basically the opposite of what you want...anxiety, fear, worry, etc.) you need to imagine it leaving you as quickly as it came in and replacing it IMMEDIATELY with " Everything is Always Working out for ME!" and head back to the receptive, attractive thoughts of love.

Does this mean you shouldn't feel? You should just become emotional less? NO! Not at all my friend. It just means to NOT STAY IN THE FEELING THAT is not good. Feel it then release it- watch it physically leave you (I envision the resistant emotions as a dark blockage in my body that is broken through with LIGHT!)

You were meant to feel good, you were meant to succeed, you were meant to be happy, healthy and whole. If you hang on to anything but those feelings, you are derailing your way to your HIGHEST SELF.

How will I know if I am on the right path? How will I know if this is the right direction to what I want? How do I even know what is right for me? Well, it is easy....does it make you feel good? I don't mean a quick fix feel good like eating something or buying something with impulse...I mean does it make you feel GOOD like blissful and whole? If it does than you, my sweet friend, you are on the right path!

Glute workout this week...

My food this week...

*Rice and beans with salsa and avocado

*Chia seed pudding...1/4 C chai seeds let overnight in a little water. Warmed and mixed with one cup blueberries and 1 TBS homemade nut butter (blend in food processor cashews and almonds until they become a butter)

*Shredded cabbage with Japanese dressing:1 carrot, 1/2 onion, 1 garlic clove, 2 TBS tahini, a little water, 1 TBS Everything but the bagel season, 1/4 C soy sauce, 1/4 C rice vinegar. BLEND WELL in food processor or bullet.

Top with Pepitas

*Sliced frozen banana with homemade nut butter and I might get risky and put one dark chocolate chip on each slice! wha? ya I might!

In Spirit,


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