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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Mile 1: feeling strong and feeling great! Running a faster mile than I have ever ran weather is perfecto!

Mile 2-6 : staying in a good stride here, feeling confident

Mile 6ish: tunnel( ¾ of a mile tunnel I believe )dark, cold, raining like – but I kind of like it because my mind is now on not slipping and falling and also on not having a bat fly in my hair- its on this all and not on running- so it goes quick

Mile 8: Dear God- dad- grandma, Courtney —-anyone up in heaven please- I feel like I could be getting tired and its only mile 8!! The song “Heaven” comes on my headphones- I am now crying and feeling stronger- and crying

Mile 9-15: kind of a blur but going well

Mile 15: the loop turns – ok I got this – turned around – I know what’s coming – this will go quick!

Mile 16: tmi – my cup runneth over (diva cup) if you don’t know what this is now is not the time for me to explain—I look up- KEVIN is at the stop THANK YOU JESUS!! No , really thank you!He gets my “stuff” out of car=– Use the bathroom and off I go!

Mile 17: SHOULD NOT HAVE STOPPED at 16—but I had no choice- but now I stopped and it is not good once u stop—not good at all… I am struggling! 

Mile 18-20: I am not one to do repetitive prayer—I was brought up doing the rosary and Hail Marys and all of that but I kind of got out of it and just talk with God – let me just say— HAIL MARYS were for sure being said—and a few rosary’s!


Mile 25: I am just going to walk I think—I am just going to walk the rest- its ok I did it—I look up – Stacie!! THANK YOU JESUS__ AGAIN—no, really thank you!! She pushed me- ran with me to the end! I DID IT—I fricken ran a marathon! 

*note: I trained— I did_ I trained for months…..i ran hills…. I ran with weights on my wrist….I ran in the heat…I ran in the rain….I ran when I was sick—when my kids were sick— when I didn’t feel like it— but I RAN…I RAN MY HEART OUT! If I can do this—ANYONE CAN DO THIS! Not kidding……


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