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As you may have noticed when you were reading my latest book, I have had moments in my life where I too struggle with just being content exactly where I am in life. Not only do I struggle with the contentment of life, I also find times that I wrestle with the reasoning behind other’s actions or intentions.

I found that when I was on my 21-day social media detox I was able to let go of a lot of mental “junk”, if you will. I was able to become much more aware and present in my own life. I found that I was worrying less and reacting to situations of “annoy” much slower. I found that I was full in life and less in the future or past of it. I was not stuck behind nor was I as worried about what was to come.

Why? How does just staying away from distractions of constant news and constant updates on our surroundings seem to help us in living a more “content” less “anxious” life?

When we look at the “feed” or watch the news we are being CONSTANTLY reminded of not only the bad “news” that covers our entire world at the speed of lightening, but we are also in this sort of isolation of being alone in our own world with the comparison ship sailing in on how much better and how much more people are doing. It may not even be our “friends” that are doing the “doing”. This could be just in general seeing people succeeding endlessly on every single task they come too and we are just left here thinking, “gee, my life isn’t that exciting” or “gosh, I am never going to live up to what they got going on”. Am I right? I don’t care if you are a graduate from Harvard or a blue-collar, working class citizen, we all have one thing in common, we COMPARE. Even if you say you don’t, you have or you will one day. You can be super happy for your friend, but at the same time, you might feel like you are less than- just for a moment. That can make you start feeling like you need to be doing something bigger and better than what you are doing in the right now, present moment of your life.

There is this huge billboard on my way home from picking the kids up from school. It is a picture of this young, beautiful woman and the sign says “Welcome the newest dentist to our team!” I noticed it a few times and thought nothing of it, but then today as I was driving, I noticed that it actually made me feel inferior. Here this woman is. She is YOUNG and SMART and BEAUTIFUL and here I am – dressed in my workout clothing, sweaty, smelly and going back home to do laundry all day and possibly make a dinner for my family. But, not before I take all of them to their boyscout meeting and pray Kevin meets me there so I don’t have to be the only MOM at the BOY scout meeting.

See, I am creating this make-believe life for this woman and saying her existence is more important than mine, her life is happier, her degree makes her just a little above me. We have all done it people. I am not alone here, am I? 

I wonder if I should have gotten a higher degree? I wonder if I should drill into my kids that they absolutely need to go to college? The worry sets in that I won’t be able to give them a bright future and that I need to go back to college myself. 

Matthew 6:34 “Therefore don't be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.”

It hits me. I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this present moment in time. 6 years ago when I never thought we would have kids. I was WORRIED always about what would happen if I could not give Kevin a family. I would pray, cry and worry.

God’s plan for us is greater than anything we could ever even imagine. I am proof. 4 kids later- FOUR healthy kids. His plan for me was not according to what I had in mind.....it was greater than I could have ever even hoped for.

What does this have to do with you? If you worry. If you compare. If you lose sleep at night. If you have a hard time swallowing your situation or people in your life that may have wronged you. If you feel alone and less-than, EVER. I want to tell you this. You are not alone. I too feel life has left me with some unfair circumstances, with poor treatment from others on occasion. I too have a hard time living with my life choices and things that have happened to me or that I have done onto others. I have felt the burden of worry of the future and resentment of the past.

WE MUST start to live in the present, in the contentment of our lives right now. In the all knowing that this is EXACTLY where we are supposed to be at this EXACT moment in time. 

How can we start to live this way??

Well, try this. MEDITATION (it is not for the bird’s you guys!).

Say this every night before bed. Become in tune with knowing the plan for you is good and not yours to decide. Start to become “part of God’s will” and not your own. 


“I know I am a pure spirit. I always have been and I always will be.

There is in me, a place of confidence, quietness and security, where all things are known and understood.

God, of which I am a part of, responds to me if I ask. He knows the answers to all of my problems and even right now, the answers are speeding their way to me.

I need not to struggle for them

I need not worry or strive for them

When the time comes the answers will be there.

I give my problems to the great mind of God,

I let go of them.

I am confident that the correct answers will return to me when they are needed.

Through His Greatness, everything that I need for my work and fulfillment will come to me.

It is not necessary that I strain for this, only believe.

I am confident

I am serene

I am sure”

I hope you find peace in this all knowing and can really start to connect with the universe and the plan it holds for you. Once you accept this, your life will truly be filled with more “JOY and LESS ANNOY.”

**based from the book Three Magic Words