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New Direction? Make it happen MONDAY!

Hey ya'll! Thanks again for the follow :)

I really hope that my words have been and will continue to encourage you as I make some some changes to my site.

If you have any questions or anything that you need please let me know what you would like to see more of. Click here!

This week much will be happening! We are starting to re open the studio's slowly. We are going to be connecting again with one another in person. I am going to be trying to decide which way I will be pivoting next as far as some online classes for those who are unable to see us in person.

The biggest thing I think I have learned from this "at home" life is that I don't have to be "doing" all of the time. I don't have to be so "busy". I like the slower pace. I like that I feel like I have more time to really put a lot more thought into my posts and my blog for you. I feel like I am living a lot more intentionally. I feel like I am speaking a LOT less and therefore I am hearing a lot more. With ears open and mouth shut I am getting a clear vision on what direction I am headed to next.

Of course, I love fitness- you know I do. BUT, I am getting a little older and I don't love the high impact classes as much anymore. I am slowly handing the torch to a younger group and I am SO EXCITED to have more instructors to work with! I will of course still teach, just less. But, as you know and I know "We Rise by Lifting Others" and I hope to do just that with our new group of leaders.

The direction I will head will to show you all even more how the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT are SO VERY connected. I am here to simplify this wellness journey for you even more. I am going to be implementing small steps you can take daily to help lead you down this purposeful path.

The simpler the better. I am here to help you on that venture. Short and to the point recipes, exercises, health tips, meditations and of course my NEW BOOK , that is sent off to publishing as we speak! These tools will all make this journey for you even THE MORE EASY!

I wrote down who it was exactly I was trying to help. Who needs my help. It is people like ME and YOU! Busy mom's, parents, career persons.....people who struggle with weight loss, who struggle with taking time for themselves. People who don't think they can...people who just need someone to believe in them. I am here to help those of you who are seeking TRUE CONTENTMENT, LOVE AND WHOLENESS within THEMSELVES....but find it all in a simple way!

You ready?

Better Food, Better Mood #takeone...

Our schedule at Tri State Fitness....

Our schedule at POM...

PLEASE let me know any questions, ideas or advice to help make yours and other people's wellness journeys just a little easier!

Lastly...YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY check this out if you can Click here for the deets!

In Spirit,



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