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One of my deepest darkest

Can I tell you something I am totally embarrassed about…I really am- when I was in my late teens and early 20’s I wanted to be thin SO SO SO badly I would have done anything- even risked my life.

I took every diet pill on the market – tried starving- lots of Dt Coke and cigarettes…lots of Stacker 3000 – lots of ephedrine……tons of sleepless nights because I was shaky and my heart would race….lots of anxiety from all of it–people would compliment me all the time how much weight I had lost but little did they know i was literally dying- like killing myself on the insides….you know what I did not ever try-?

Eating healthy and exercising….it did not even ever cross my mind- I guess i just did not know a lot about it- I mean my mom was always thin and she did exercise daily but I never even took interest in it at all….I was so bullheaded I was going to figure this out on my own….I seriously cannot believe I made it through those years you guys….I am so thankful that God knew there was going to be better for me and let me keep going- I fell and make mistakes but always was pulled be back up- NOW i know why…so I can be relatable and helpful to those who suffer with the same issues- body image….eating…insecure – issues.

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