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Power of Positive💥

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

The other day I had someone ask me – how do you stay so positive all the time? I actually get asked this quite a bit. I had a solid 45 minutes in my car by myself Saturday- It was the BEST FEELING ever—just me and 88.1 on the jam that switches to 102.5 as you approach Mineral Point going to Mount Horeb. This is my thinking time- my weekly drive to the shop – I love it- I am not sure if I love the peace of the drive or the fact that I get to see my customers who have turned into friends.

On my way home that day- the question kept hitting me- how am I so positive? What makes me positive now that I didn’t have before in my life- kids? Husband? Fam? 

The fact is ALL of it- all of my surroundings are positive. I am not sure if it is just as we grow older we are more selective on who or what we let in our lives- but at this moment in time I have so many positives in my life. So many people that lift me up. I hate the word “drama” but I can say I really have none. I just put my foot down one day and said this is who I AM and if you like it great and if you don’t then move on. I don’t surround myself with negative. Let’s be real – negative can drain and drain you. Around it too much and it can make you pissed off a lot. Cut that crap out of your life—bring in the positive!

I can say it is NOT ME who has all the positive energy- it is who and what I SURROUND myself with. I can not take credit for being a happy person- it is my faith my family my friends my customers my challengers my class attenders – it is my kids my husband my home- heck my dogs! All of these positives in my life make me who I am today. People, places and things come in and out of our lives all the time. Some are placed in there for long term and some short term… I had negative days—years even.. I cant even put a finger on people or places that made me so negative but it was for sure something to do with my surroundings—ALWAYS keeping those once close to me at a distance. Slowly over time those negatives have dissolved and have been replaced with GOOD. 

NOTE: I am not happy ALL the time- lets just be clear on that! Mostly yes…100% no! That would not be normal—right? Lol


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