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🤩Pudding Recipe n Jumpsuits! Oh My😺

Updated: Feb 4

🙋‍♀️Very random, I know!

✨But- do you remember those Friday Find's I did last year? I still am wearing a LOT of those amazing finds to this day. Which got me thinking as I slipped this beauty on today that I needed to share this comfy jumpsuit again with you!

This beaut has been a staple in my summer wardrobe for over 2 years!

Check out the entire fashion write up here along with more Friday Finds.

🙌On with the puddin, puddin....

😋This is a MUST TRY for an evening snack, lunch time treat or on the go breakfast!

😻Low cals, low carbs and the taste is rich and decadent!


5 TBS Powdered Peanut Butter (Chocolate Flavor)

1/2 tsp Swerve

2 TBS Hemp Seeds

**Mix powdered peanut butter and swerve with a little water until pudding is formed. Stir in hemp seeds. Chill for better taste before serving! Add berries if desired!

🤓Links to Products?


Hemp Seeds


❤️The last thing I shall leave you with on this GLORIOUS Thursday morning is this.

✨"Feeling GOOD is so much more important than BEING RIGHT."✨

-🧘‍♀️ careful where you put your energy today. Most of the time people will not want to see your point of view if they are stuck in their own low energy. Stop forcing your "being right/opinions" on them and just let it go and FEEL GOOD! This puts you in a quicker state of allowing ALL OF THE GOOD YOU DESERVE IN THIS LIFE my dear friend!😇

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🤓In Spirit, Ad


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