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Q&A Thursday: Baking Healthier??

Hi Addie!

First, I am really enjoying your daily videos and post! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. 

I was wondering if you could give me a list of a few healthy options to have in my pantry for cooking/baking. I think you use coconut flour instead of flour. I hope my question makes sense. 

Thanks in advance!


Great Question SaBrina! Thank you…..

Ok, so here is a pic of some stuff that I cook and bake with….Almond Flour and Carbquick – I always use in place of flour….Coconut sugar or Truvia baking blend or Stevia drops or honey in place of Sugar….I cook with natural Olive Oil Spray ( I spray on veggies when I sauté them or basically on anything I would use olive oil on) Sometimes I use actual Olive oil depending on what it is. I am always looking and finding healthier alternatives for dinners that look amazing but want to scale back the cals so instead of rice or noodles I use cauliflower rice (frozen vegetable section) instead of Ranch I use Bolthouse farms yogurt based Ranch dressing– Instead of sour cream I use nonfat Greek plain yogurt– I do use real butter though– or clarified butter I dont usually substitute butter—I use Almond or cashew milk instead of regular Milk with certain things too! 

Hope this helps!!!




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