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Restaurant Survival TIPS!!

How to Survive RESTAURANTS!

Who doesn’t LOVE TO go out to eat ? Whether for work or for play- it is so nice to have someone else cook and clean up your meal- right? With this, however, it can cause a little stress for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle- I know it is hard to know what to order and eat when you are not making it all on your own. I had a recent Challenger ask me about what she could do to survive her work luncheons that happen ALL TOO OFTEN……I have done some research and here is what I came up with!

17- yes 17 TIPS ON GOING OUT TO EAT (or potluck or family gathering)

1.Get your workout in- no question- get active on the days you know you are going to be going out to eat.

2.Have a snack before you go- I recommend my protein filled VEGAN shake- it fights cravings- keeps you a little fuller longer and gives you that dose of SUPERFOODS that is absolutely essential for your body.

3.DRESS UP – that is right dress up in a fitted outfit..not tight but fitted so you don’t feel sloppy and so that your belly will be a bit hugged when you are going to overdo it–the pants will remind you not too!

4.Have a little pep talk with yourself before you go–“I can do this, I can resist, I will not give into temptation, I am SMARTER and STRONGER than any crappy choices put in front of me”

5.Drink 8 oz of water WHILE browsing the menu

6.Avoid ordering anything with the words- pan fried, creamy or breaded–look for broth based and baked or grilled!

7.Order TWO veggies as a side–skip potato/ricey sides– order TWO VEGETABLES and a main dish

8.Have a fresh house salad before the meal (so- when everyone else is eating the bread basket or chips just ask the waitress right away for a small house salad with dressing on the side–even better oil and vinegar on the side with a smidge of salt and pepper)

9.ORDER FIRST:: so you are not tempted by other peoples order.

10.If you want to splurge – order this: one appetizer and small salad/or broth soup OR order a FULL on splurge meal BUT ask for a to go container RIGHT AWAY and put half of it in there.

11. DRINK 8 OZ of water BEFORE eating – right when food arrives.

12. Eat slow and enjoy the company.

13. When ordering dessert- DON’T- but if you must try fruit.

14. Having a cocktail- make it a spritzer of some sort (order a white wine and bring your own sparkling water to add- I do it and its fine) water in between each cocktail.

15. Have a mint or minty gum ready in your pocket- when you feel fullness starting to set in- pop this right in your mouth and box up the rest so you don’t keep nibbling when you are full- NO ONE likes that OVERSTUFFED feeling.

16. Drink 8 oz of water when done eating

17. Have some sort of activity planned for after–walk…..or shop….or something- at least 10 minutes if you can.

I hope this helps guide you through your work events and the holidays to come. I will be following these rules soon and reporting back–it is part of my job ya know lol


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