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Sitting in the Stillness

Ah, alas, I have been in a place of "nothing". Yep, nothing is exciting and new. I am not having babies. I am not moving. I am not starting a new business. I am not taking a big vacation. I am not off doing any new adventure at all. I am in a state of pure NOTHINGness.

Can I tell you something? It's kind of boring. I am a person who likes to do stuff. I like to try new things. I like to be busy. It is not summer. It is not holiday time. We didn't just get into any new routine. We are just in that time of complete stillness. We literally have NOTTA thing going on. If you are a person who likes to "do" you know what kind of struggle this is to just stay still.

Sometimes sitting still is what we NEED. Yes, sometimes just sitting in the nothing for a bit can be GOOD FOR YOU AND I.

I am a person who likes to have goals. I like to set em than kill em. I want to have a plan and write it down. I then, want to conquer it faster than the last goal and even better than before. What I have discovered in this "stillness" I have subconsciously created, is that no matter how many "goals" I set and hit they will never make me happy. Crushing goals will never bring you or I complete happiness. It won't happen. Happiness does not lie on the other side of success. I would hit a goal, feel happy for 5 seconds, then search for my next goal. I never even enjoyed the finish line for more than a moment only to set out for the next one. You see what I mean?

Joy is not something you achieve. Happiness is not something that you will get once you lose the weight or finish the marathon or get the promotion or buy the house. No. Joy is in the doing. Happiness is in the everyday life of LIVING.

When you can find happiness in the stillness. YOU HAVE WON.

I am taking it back. Back to the things that always brought me joy in just the doing, not the finish line. Why I even started this journey before I got so wrapped up in the competition of being great. I loved it all before I made it so hard. I loved sharing what was working for me and what was not.

I then headed down this path of needing to always have some big goal that I began to lose the reason why I even started.

I started to help you to see that even though you may not be exactly where you want to be today. Each small step in the right direction will, in fact, take you there.

Start to find joy in the journey my friends.



Belly Burner workout for you and the whole fam bam below!

🙋AB BURNER🕺🏻 for you! Do these moves once in the morning once at night and I promise you will feel stronger not only physical but mentally by weeks end! When you set a small goal and achieve those big goals will arrive without much effort. One foot in front of the other today. ❤️ 👉30 seconds each ✨Plank ✨Plank knee pull ✨Side plank ✨Side plank knee pull ✨Side plank ✨Side plank knee pull ❤️Remember strength for your entire body comes from your core !! Work this ever single day just for a few minutes #mindbody And drink water💦


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