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Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone is Scary.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary. I know I have been there. I have been there so hard. I was so scared that I actually judged and ridiculed others who were doing something different. I would act out of fear way back when I was scared. I would think I was never going to be able to do what the instructor or anyone else in the class was doing, so why even bother. I would then just mock them a bit and move on with my life.

I had at some point decided that living in a box of fear was safer than stepping out of it.

Then something clicked inside of me. I was going day after day after day living in fear, anger, doubt and worry. I was always on edge. I was always irritable and never seemed really happy. Constantly was insecure about my weight. But, not just my weight it was more that I was ALWAYS fearing what other's thought or would think of me.

I was sick of making myself small so I would never be noticed. I was sick of hiding behind the mask of insecurity. I was sick of feeling sad more than I felt happy. I finally, one day, WAS SICK OF THE BOX that I CHOSE to live in.

I did it. I stepped out. Can I tell you....I will never go back in. Sure, I think about it. I think it would just be easier to blend in. I think about it but then I realize that that was not my destiny and being small and quiet is not yours either. I say quiet because I am telling you that you don't have to fear or worry about what you say or do if your doing and saying from your heart. When your heart is happy nothing else will stand in your way.

I can relate because I was you...

Let's step out together and stop living in fear.

You ready?

I am!

Cheers, Ad

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