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🖐Stop doing Sh!t you don't want to do & have a Weight Loss Breakthrough😎

Updated: Jan 27

🙋‍♀️Ya, I said it.

Don't do things you don't want to do.

Don't dread a workout

Don't eat food you don't like

Don't live your life pleasing others

Don't listen to me if it doesn't feel good

❤️Do fun things, eat good food, move your body if it serves you.


🤔There MUST be something that you like doing. For me it was to sleep in. Walk and yoga. I stopped looking to please anyone but myself. Started talking nice to myself. Appreciated others for who they were and where they were at. Let go of control.


🤩Do what feels good. I don't mean spend 1,000 bucks on something than worry about money later. I don't mean eat a big mac for breakfast and regret it later. I mean if you do it. Do it and FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT. If you can't feel good about it than it ain't right.


🤓How much clearer can I be? How much easier can this get?


⭐️Listen, Heaven is not a place we are gonna go one day. God is not some man in the sky who scolds you if your bad. You won't have a pass to the golden gates by suffering on earth you guys.


💫Heaven can be here and now. God IS YOU (your spirit and soul which NEVER will die) and loves unconditionally. You just have to change your mind and STOP OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING JUST FEEL GOOD (GOD).💫

- 😁How can you be happy?




✨That is it.


🧐I know you have a lot of questions. How can I feel good when I am sick? When others are sick? When I hate my job? I know how it can seem unreal to feel good when you see trouble everywhere.

🧘‍♀️I would love to be able to sit with you all and explain how I get through those "resistant thoughts".


👇This might help.


🦋When those thoughts that DON'T feel GOOD come to you. Stop thinking them and find something, ANYTHING to focus on that IS GOOD.🦋


🥳You don't have to have it all figured out. You don't need the answers. You don't need to think it all out. JUST CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS to FEEL GOOD and then YOU WILL HEAR THE ANSWERS come to you (or you will just hear LESS OF WHAT YOU DON'T WANT)



👇What I am eating this week..watch this

❤️Workout of the Week click here

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IN Spirit,



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