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💇‍♀️Str8 Hair turned Wavy in 5 minutes! 🤩 How to not feel OVER STUFFED on the holiday! 🦃

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

🦃First, the HAIR! And it works on the little one's too!

Yep- I am bringing it back! The 3 barrel iron! Why did I even put it away is the real question? I used this ALL the time in the early 2000's and then kind of forgot about it. Kind of like the CRIMPER in the 80's but better! (I will be bringing this back too-lol-not kidding).

🦃I tried to get that "wavy look" this spring with a perm- that was a mistake friends! Your hair WILL NOT LOOK NATURALLY WAVY EVER unless it is NATURALLY WAVY.

🦃So, don't spend the money and time on the perm hoping for the waves...instead do this temporary quick fix that looks more natural than any chemically enhanced product ever will.

🦃Check it out today and have full locks in no time for the holidays!


Or what a great GIFT IDEA for a friend, mom or daughter?


How to not over "stuff" yourself this week on my ultimate fav holiday?

❤️Do not try to "diet" on this day (or ever for that matter). Eat the foods you love with NO GUILT!! Stop saying crap like "I shouldn't eat that" on a holiday week (or any time)!

❤️Eat in moderation. Yes, of course if you over eat ANY foods you are going to feel uncomfortable and puffy. You will feel indigestion and bloat with ANY food that you eat too much of. So- pick what you love, eat it slow and enjoy every single bite (again with no guilt).

❤️Take a walk with the fam when you are finished (finished with round one of eating-hahaha). You will feel lighter and spend some quality time together in the great outdoors. It will not only get your blood moving but will help your digestion too! (I do this every night after dinner!)

❤️Your body is going to respond to whatever your mind tells it. If you tell it you need to lose weight or your 'fat" that is exactly what it will respond to. If you tell it you feel like sh!t after you eat certain foods, you will.

ON the flip side if you respond to it lovingly and tell it that you can eat whatever you want and still feel amazing YOU CAN...if you tell your body it can digest foods simply and easily, it will! And if thank your body for always doing it's job without you having to do a thing- it will respond with love and appreciation.

❤️Be Kind to your Mind. You will NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT AGAIN!❤️

🦃Happy Thanksgiving,



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