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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

PLEASE READ!!! 1 in 3 Americans will have Heart Disease. Did you know this? The good news is though that we can almost 100% cure this and reverse our symptoms with the food we eat! This is actually AMAZING news! We can—we can lessen our chances by WHOPPING numbers if we just clean up our diet. In America it is SO SO SO easy and SO SO SO cheap to eat like crap. I know this- it is so much easier to throw in a frozen meal or boxed meal for a busy working family than to make it all from scratch and whole ingredients—but really- isn't ONE day of Meal prep and spending a little extra money on our food (organic- whole- real) worth our lives and our families lives? IT IS !!! IT so is- we CAN and WE WILL control this! its not going to happen overnight- but YOU ARE STRONG AND SMART–little changes will have a trickle effect on us- our families- our friends – it will!

! Heart Disease is the LEADING cause of death in AMERICA and IS preventable—yes, we hear and see that it is possibly hereditary — and I know things happen in this life that we can not control- but why not GIVE IT OUR BEST SHOT—one thing we have ULTIMATE control over is the food WE eat and the food our FAMILIES eat. RIGHT?

NOTE: I was not always healthy- I am not perfect! WE ALL START somewhere-!!!


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