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Tater 🥗NOT🥗Casserole

I have revised this old favorite recipe of mine. Why? Well, when I was adding it to my next book, BETTER FOOD BETTER MOOD, I realized how difficult it sounded.

In conversation with a fellow mom friend of mine. She was sharing with me how she has been struggling to find easy, healthy recipes for the family. When she comes across a recipe with a lot of ingredients, a lot instructions, she gets overwhelmed and just says "the heck with it!" Pizza it is! (ok, wait, that last part was me)

I thought for a minute. I was grateful for her sharing this as I FEEL THE SAME WAY? I thought, if I TOO get overwhelmed by long lists of ingredients and instructions. Why would I write a book that seems complicated to myself, let alone my fellow momma's?

That is why I edited this favorite recipe of mine. To make it simple, doable and delicious!

After all, when we eat better we feel better. My goal in this next book will be for YOU to eat better with ease, while effortlessly feeling better too!

Tater NOT Casserole

1 Pound of grass-fed beef

3 Cups of green beans

2 Cups corn or peas

1 Bag riced cauliflower

1 Packet of French Onion Dip MIX

2 Cups plain Greek yogurt

¾ Cup milk of choice

2 Bags of cauliflower tots 

Brown your beef. Drain the excess grease and add the cauliflower. Cook until tender.

While all of this is cooking mix your packet of French onion dip with your Greek yogurt. 

Now grab a large casserole dish and add everything except for the tots. Mix well and spread out in pan. Top with the tots. Add some shredded cheese if desired. Bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes.  

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