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The Good NEWS!

In the midst of the television news and the news that likely hits your feed on the daily you might find yourself feeling a bit "blah" right? Most of the time the news can be kind of draining. We did away with cable tv a while back and I can honestly say I don't miss it one bit. I am not naive to the world. I just think that really important news, things that I must know to survive or help will get to me some how.

100 years ago it took weeks for bad news to get from one part of the country to another. Although I understand how helpful it can be to hear what is going on around the world- do we have to know EVERYTHING and RIGHT WHEN IT HAPPENS?

I read the Sunday paper and that is how I catch up. Otherwise, if you try to talk to me about the weather, politics or anything else that came from your television at 5:00pm I probs have no clue.

Enlighten me if you wish but I would rather discuss what is GREAT in YOUR LIFE this week?


I hope to lighten up your Manic Monday with a lil GOOD NEWS and maybe even a chuckle or two?

First, this story...just amazing and so hopeful. How wonderful that we see the value in each and every creature that walks this planet!

FULL STORY HERE (canoe.com)

Huh? Is this not the most clever idea ever? We for sure need to bring this to the state's.

FULL STORY HERE (canoe.com)

Yep- these 3 cows were found chilling on the beach- No joke!

FULL STORY HERE (canoe.com)

Let's here it for our local news!! Look at these warming temps- what will you be doing outside this week?

AND FINALLY How about these hilarious quick videos..

and this still cracks me up..

I hope that this little kick of inspiration will lift you on this Monday in January that may seem slow and never ending.

Find the good in all you do today my sweet friend,

Be Well,



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