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❤️The big 4-0 is coming soon (June 23!) and I wanted to have this book finished by then. However, life happened, and it got a little busy. It might not be done by my 40th birthday but I can assure you it will be published by summer's end!

❤️In your 20’s it seems you are in such a hurry to find yourself. Your 30’s you're in a hurry to prove yourself. On to 40, you wonder what all the rush was for. Just to hurry up and get older. Hurry up the years to get to where you are now? With all of the rushing you kind of forgot to live.

❤️Aging has tremendous benefits. You start to feel more confident in stepping in to who you really are. Who you always were. You start to care a LOT LESS of others' opinions on what you're doing. You start to become a lot pickier as to who you let in your life. You just seem to step into this peaceful feeling of loving yourself more than anything or anyone. You realize that YOU, YOU are the one who has always been there for yourself!

❤️You were always there cheering you on, comforting you, listening to you. IT was YOU the whole time and for some reason all of the noise around you for so many years started to drown that out.

❤️All of the opinions and the advice from others started to quiet your true self down. You thought that others knew what was best for you in those younger years. You listened, only to feel empty and alone at the end of the day. You plugged into others more than yourself. Each time you placed your value in their approval you were left depleted when their opinion and yours didn’t line up.

❤️As you turn the corner on your 40’s and beyond you will find the comfort in knowing that no one’s presence or absence can shake you. You are SO ROOTED in WHO YOU ARE that if someone leaves you or disagrees with you, YOU STILL LOVE YOU!

❤️That is what is so great about growing older. Each lap around the sun you start to grow closer and closer to who you truly are. You grow fonder and fonder of that soul of yours that was trying to be heard this entire time but for some reason you were looking elsewhere. Now you know that you never have to go seeking for love, it is always with you, always inside of you, always ready to comfort, to heal and to love.

❤️When we stop looking outside of ourselves for love we start to find it inside. That which you believe to be true of yourself will always come back to you. If you believe you are love than that is what the universe will bring to you. Stop searching for the light. It is right inside of you.

❤️In this next book, I hope you will find comfort in the food, the short exercises but mostly in the positive and uplifting words that I hope inspire you to live in the knowing that you don’t need to change, be different or do anything else. You just need to be who you authentically are and love that person. The rest will all just fall right into place.

❤️“When we let go of the need to arrange our lives and ourselves, we allow the Universe/God to bring abundant good to us.”

❤️Let go of the reins of control and take a little stroll with me to peace and contentment.

❤️This book will have less than 5 ingredient recipes, 10 minutes workouts for when you can not join me in class at the studio and as always a kick of inspiration! (needing simple recipes now? Click here!)


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