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The struggle is real!

My very first post in here: Written May 2017……….

I have always been on a journey with my health and fitness. I have always struggled. It is tough for me to keep weight off because I LOVE food! I do like to workout so that helps but its 80-90 percent of what you eat that counts. So many things I have battled with in this life as I know others have too- These battles have always caused me to eat my emotions. I turn to the kitchen for comfort, I always have. It does have a sort of nostalgic place in my heart– the comfort eating, that is. It reminds me of my childhood. A great childhood in fact, but I am not sure “healthy”. I remember always that cleaning my plate resulted in getting to have a snack before bed…… yep a snack before bed is what makes me nostalgic. What made me O SO HAPPY as a child I now struggle with. I want a snack after dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I think about it all day in fact. When I want to be really strict with my diet I will take away that snack before bed and let me tell you I am a GROUCH on those days. So, I now have decided to KEEP the snack that makes me so very happy – but try to make it healthy or save my calories for it! Yep, eat in moderation that is what I Do- sorry its not some sort of amazing pill or trick – it always stems down to the same theory, it has for years… calories in(food we eat) must be less than calories out (energy we burn). That being said – I have lots of tricks that help me to stay into check with this and that is why I wanted to create this page- I will share what I think is helpful and you can use what you want to help you! I am not a doctor I am just a mom who tries to stay healthy on a budget and in simple ways.Also, some fun beauty tips as well. Things that simplify my life but make me feel beautiful inside and out. Quick tips on hair and makeup. I have to be super quick these days getting ready to do anything as I am always needed by one of my four kids….ages 1 and 3 yep TWO sets of twins-. I am blessed beyond words but the whole two sets of twins is another story for another day or another PAGE for that matter.

Thanks for listening! Hope to share something helpful with you!!



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