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The Truth about Hanging on to the Hard

I have been pondering the thought of even posting this. The video was filmed a while ago. When I spoke the feelings were deep and still are, however, with faith and forgiveness it gets a little lighter everyday. Forgiveness not to those who hurt us, forgiveness to ourselves is what is important. You see, when we get in a place where we are thinking and told that we must forgive, we start to feel bad that we don't. We start to feel bad about ourselves that we hang on sometimes longer than we should. We hang on to the hurt, to the pain to the unsettled feelings, the unresolved issues. We hang on and we KNOW deep down that the only way out is to forgive and to let go, to move on.

But, I say this, it is OK to hang on for a moment. It is ok to feel the hurt the anger the sad. It is OK to sit in that unsettledness for awhile. Honor your feelings of hurt, sit in it for a bit. But, whatever you do, please, don't stay there. It is in staying in the hurt that we lose our way, staying in the pain that things never quite get resolved. It is staying in it, sitting there, and never getting up that we get lost.

Honor the hurt, just don't stay in it for too long. Maybe this will help.




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