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🧘‍♀️Think Your Way Thin?❤️

Do you love you?

No, I am being totally serious. Think about who you can totally be yourself with. Who is it that you feel most comfortable around? Who has always been there for you?

You, right?

Do you respect you? Or, do you constantly cut yourself down that your not skinny enough, you ate shitty today so you're "bad?" Do you say things like "I am "cheating" on my diet? I can't have that. I can't do that. I won't ever be that.

If you are always saying these negative things about you and about food you will never get to where you feel healthy, whole and filled up. You will always be in a battle with yourself. You will always be out of balance with you. YOU, the most important person on this earth!

YOU ABSOLUTELY can think your way healthy (and thin).

My advice....

STOP! Just stop with the " I can't eat that." or the " I was bad yesterday with food. Or whatever your thing is that you decide you are not succeeding in. Stop thinking about it and let it go!

Start each day with just thinking this....

❤️Food is for fuel

❤️I will choose thoughts that are only going to raise me up

❤️I will eat when I am hungry

❤️I will stop eating when I feel satisfied

❤️When I give into a food that does not serve my body as it should, I will simply let go of all negative thoughts that may surround me

"There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you want to become, and you hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly what you have been thinking" - Being in Balance

Start to use your imagination (your greatest gift, by the way)! Start to SEE YOURSELF TO BE EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT TO BECOME. Start to think how you are aiming for your outside reflection to mirror your inside thoughts. You want to radiate and glow health, energy and love of life again.

Feel it.

Think it.

Believe it.

Every time a thought of anything "less than" starts to try to push its lower energy onto you, just stop it IMMEDIATELY and say any positive affirmations that come to mind.

I am healthy. I am whole. I am love. I respect me. I love me. I love life. I will be a mirror of all the good I hold in my heart and it will beam out of me for all the world to see. My light will not only lift me but will lift all of those who surround me.

Soon enough. This is what you will become. Soon enough you will start to believe all of this and you will become it. You will start to make healthy decisions without even trying.

Your mind, your thoughts and your heart will all become one. And your balance will be just as it should.

Just by thinking thoughts that ONLY SERVE you, you can live your best life! And you can start right now!


What I am eating this week...

It is hot as heck here and I am making simple foods straight out of my book Better Food, Better Mood that the entire family is loving.

This week I will chop up a head of broccoli and cauliflower. I will dice an onion and mix all of this together. I will add 1/4 C of mayo (less or more depending on your preference), tablespoon of vinegar and salt and pepper. I will top it with some cashews and it will be amazing!! I never get sick of it. Oh, add a few raisins if your feeling risky!

As you may have read in the book, I eat a lot of the same things during the week to keep on track. It takes my mind off all of the other options.

It is simple, healthy and I love all of the recipes I use. If you don't look forward to your food you are likely to give into unhealthy options. Always make sure you are prepared by making the foods you love!

In Spirit,


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