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Tight Clothes?

I remember when I bought this skirt and it was super snug on the thighs and booty and barely could button at the top. In fact, the button at the top is busted off, that is how tight it was. I never wore it before. It is probably 7 years old. I bought it for our cruise in 2012 and it was my motivation to buy tight clothes. My goal would be to fit into them. When, in fact, they just made me feel insanely shitty about myself and I would just dig myself deeper into the comforts on my foods. My favorite foods.

Food was my bff for so many years. I never thought I would ever be able to let go of some of my favs! You know, the one's that you buy full well knowing you will be in front of the tv bingeing on them all night, ya, those. Those were my best friends. It was a cycle. I would eat till I was sick on a lonely Friday night then Saturday I would work out and be healthy for the day. Sunday I would get discouraged that I was not losing weight after a day of health and then just eat my feelings all night long, swearing to start MONDAY!

Years, Years I would do this. Years that food was ALWAYS THERE. It never let me down. It would never hurt me - or so I thought.

It did hurt me though. The food would cause me anxiety the day after my "binge". It would make me feel so insecure. I was one of those people that didn't really eat much in front of everyone and say "I just cant figure out why I can't lose the weight, I barely eat." Then I would go home and eat all night long. Boxes of cookies a whole pizza and my favorite of all time...FAKE CHEESE DIP with CHIPS. It would cause me so much pain so much fear so much self doubt. It was not really my best friend at all- it was my enemy. It would control me and feed my depression even more.

Until one day, I said ENOUGH. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I am not doing this anymore. I am not going to let this thing, FOOD, I am not going to let it rule me anymore. And so I didn't.


NOT easy, not overnight. One decision, one meal, one choice at a time.

You can work out all day and all night but if food is still your BFF then your never going to be the BEST YOU that I know you CAN BE!




ps- the skirt- it fits now, loose kind of and feels AMAZING!


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