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Ultimate Reset 17

Ultimate Reset Day 17/21

I am feeling over the moon grateful but over my head busy this week. Live with intention. I speak it all the time. Today, however I am feeling a little bit TOO on the go. I get lost when I am so busy some days that I forget what I am even doing.

Today was supposed to be a prep day for my MOMS EVERYDAY segments being filmed tomorrow, but a curve ball was thrown at me. God likes to do that when things are just a little TOO easy for me. My breaks on my truck decided to make insanely scary noises that I just had to get them looked at. There went my day of prepping. Good thing I do plan ahead and I am sure I can come up with something for the show. Long story short I had to take ALL FOUR kids to an auto body shop to get the breaks fixed. They were fine but imagine how fun that is. I bribed them with granola and popcorn I packed (which I ate NONE OF but wanted too!) Good kids, really they were.

The curve ball was thrown to slow me down. God knows if you listen ya'll. Just listen, get in tune with the universe and let it lead you. I slowed down and we played at the park the afternoon. We went to visit Grandpa Keith at the cemetery. The little talks they had with him were enough to choke me up. I am just doing my best here - somedays I feel like a total failure, as I have told you a million times. I can let that get to me or I can just get back in tune with things, get back up and do my best again.

A new thing in my morning meditation. I list 5 things I am grateful for. You see, the FIRST hour of the day is basically the way your entire 23 hours ahead of you will jive. You must win that first hour. Wake up, be grateful do some stretching or exercise, give yourself a pep talk and GO!

Weight 139. Meal one Shakeology mixed with spinach, fruit and power greens. Meal 2 Quinoa, cabbage and chickpeas. Meal 3 Chai seed pudding WITH OATS because I needed some cals. A good day of eats. It doesn't seem like much but I add the extras to all of this for calories. Eating has totally become fuel and not a focus in my life on this cleanse and I really enjoy the freedom of food not ruling my thoughts anymore!

YOU READY?? Click here.

Cheers, AD

oh and click the picture if you want to check out the book!

TRI County Press write up this week! You might want to start getting a copy asap!


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