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Ultimate Reset Cleanse Day 13

U.R. Day 13 /21

You would think that I would be feeling more disciplined than ever right now, and I do. However, I am having some serious "wanting to give in to temptation" cravings today. I think because it is a weekend and I am home all day with the kiddos, not really doing or planning anything. I am just kind of hanging out, doing crafts and cooking with them. It is a good day but it is rainy and cloudy and would be the perfect day to eat popcorn on the couch and enjoy a movie.

We do watch movies with the rain clouds in the background. We do enjoy the day together but no one is snacking today. If momma can't snack, can't no one snack! Lol. I am kidding. No, but really I am the only one who is so into the popcorn and snacks on the weekends. No one in the house even cares that much, just me.

The other day I was talking with a friend on a struggle she faces. Night time snacking! I say to her, "I AM THE WORSE at NIGHT SNACKING!!" I know the struggle and it is real. I ask her where it may stem from? When she was little her family let her have a snack after dinner watching a show before bed. "OMG! THAT IS LITERALLY ME", I said. I always got to have a snack if I ate all my dinner and watch tv right before bed. It was a comfort in food that I grew up with. It was love being shown to me in the way that my grandma and mom thought was good, but in reality it was setting me up for a lifetime of emotional bed time snacking issues. I tell her to stay strong and ready my book (below click on the picture to get your copy).

I decide that I am not going to make "snacking" such a big deal to my kids and I did cut out the after dinner snacks a while back for them because I could totally see an (unintentional) repeat pattern happening to their little souls if I continued on with it. In all I do in this life, I am going to try my VERY hardest to not let my children face the emotional attachment to food as I have faced for almost 40 years.

On this cleanse I am realizing that food will not control me anymore and HOW much better I feel inside and out when I don't give into the emotional eating. It is SO freeing to let go of food as your bff, as I once called it. I told my friend not to worry, I have been there. Food is and always was a constant in our lives. Something we could always count on to comfort us in times of sadness or even joy. Of course we have become emotionally attached to it. On this cleanse I have had to find other ways to deal with my emotions. I have to say though, feeding my body correctly has taken away MUCH anxiety, even worry. I have been able to spend more time with God, being on my social media detox. I wake up every day and speak with him. I meditate more, I breath slower, I visualize my dreams without any interference of other peoples opinions or thoughts of them. I am so much more present...SO MUCH MORE PRESENT in my life. It is like a new me and I am loving every second of it .

I was so thankful yesterday to hear from some of my actual real live friends that they are missing me on social media. Sometimes you feel lost in the crowd of voices trying so hard to be heard that you feel like you are unnoticed and no one really cares. Truth is - they do care and the one's that do...they let you know ...and everyone, even me needs to hear that sometimes.

Weight 140. Down 8 lbs from day one. Meal one Quinoa and Chickpeas with homeade quacamole ( I just mixed up red onion, tomato, avocado, cilantro and lime juice) I needed something and this seemed to fit in the criteria of the cleanse. Meal two was sweet potato with the soup recipe from the booklet. Snack was Shakeology blended with my power greens right in it and some cherries. Meal 3 was chai seed pudding with some extras for the calories. The chai seed pudding is usually a snack in week 2 but I NEED a little something sweet at night and this seems fitting I just add almond butter, coconut, a few nuts and it is delicious!

Ready to start? CLICK HERE? Don't want to commit to 21 days? How about 3?



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