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Ultimate Reset Day 14

Ultimate Reset day 14/21

This was a good day. I kept myself super busy doing mom stuff. I find that I spend SO MUCH more valuable time with my kids these days. I play more than ever with them and I am doing crafts! I am not even a crafty person. I am not sure if it is the social media detox that has helped or the fact that I don't see them as often anymore. It might be a situation where "distance makes the heart grow fonder." I am guessing that is it. I have been home all day everyday with them for 5 years. You kind of stop playing with them at a point because all the days just start to mesh together. (Learn more about the stay at home momma life here.) Now that my time is limited with them it was a good time to shut off the computer when they are home and just BE with them.

Staying home for five years and having the social media outlet was absolutely a great thing to have. When you feel isolated and alone having that little business online and friends to share joys with was honestly what I needed at the time. I will never hate on any of it. It helped this stay at home momma stay sane and with it some days. Now that I can see people more though I am excited to work one on one and more face to face with them. I am stoked to offer some services IN PERSON coming at ya soon!

For now though, this day was kind of tempting as you can see in the picture below, with the popcorn and nachos I came home to after Sunday School. The packer game. I get it Kevin, but really, my favorite? The popcorn, come on! He says, "it is not my fault you CHOSE to do this!" Is it not kind of funny how guys decide what days they are going to be super supportive and what days they are not? Like, "Today, the packers are playing honey so your goals, they are out the window!" Gee, thanks! I am on my own.

I eat foods I love. Chai seed pudding for a snack. I have the Green Salad from your booklet with chickpeas. I also had some....wait for it.....OATS N BERRIES!! I know , I know it is only for week one but I had to! I just did. I had to give in to something I really loved and this was a good call. I did not cheat I just "adjusted". Hey, it is better than popcorn and nachos, right? Weight was 139. I feel super strong. SUPER STRONG- like defined. I can tell this is one of the BEST CLEANSE I have ever done.

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