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Ultimate Reset Day 15

Ultimate Reset Day 15/21

I honestly did not expect to lose weight on this cleanse. I mean I really did not need to lose weight. My weight was up a few pounds but I knew I would lose those few pounds eating like I normally do. I have honestly never weighed in the 130's before except for in High School. Oh, wait I lie, I did weigh in at 138 once when I was training for the marathon in 2017 but that was after running like 18 miles one day. I started this cleanse out at 148 pounds, my "normal, feel good weight" is 144 ...I knew I was up at 148 from a weekend of yummy foods- My weight today is 139 and holding. I am surprised by this because I normally eat this way. I eat basically the same foods as the cleanse calls for 80-90 % of my life. The only difference that I can truly say is this...WEEKENDS!!!!!! The weekends I would go completely off track. My entire life the weekends have been a free for all eating fest. I even tell my clients to "be more relaxed" on the weekends. Was I totally sabotaging their's and my health goals by letting weekends slide?

Answer is, YES! ....and NO. I 100% think we all need a "treat" day. But, a "treat" weekend? I think that is a bit much. No, I am living proof that that is a bit much. I would start my weekends off with popcorn come Friday night and basically live in this fairy tail of goodies until Sunday. Wake up Monday 5 pounds heavier and repeat the cycle over and over and over again. I must say, I do believe when I was in the "weight loss" point in my life, where I lost 85 pounds after giving birth to the big boys, I think I did eat fairly clean MOST of the time on weekends. I do know I had some "treat" days but not like I have been having during my maintenance stage of weight loss.

My conclusion is this. If you want drastic change you MUST limit to "treat" days ONE DAY A WEEK. On that day YOU MUST MOVE YOUR BODY STILL and DRINK YOUR WATER. If you are in maintenance I say the weekends can still be a "treat" so we can all keep our sanity. I think that as I move forward after this cleanse I will stick with ONE treat day on the weekends and maybe once a month make it a TREAT WEEKEND. Idk, I am unsure how I am going to move forward but I think that sounds pretty good.

The confidence I have gained on this social media detox has also been quite priceless. I do see my value way more through MYSELF and MY FAMILY. I feel the love deeper through those who I see in person. I am making connections on different, more personal levels. I also am excited for the new direction my career is taking due to me not forcing things and letting the universe and GOD do the work. Me just listening and being content where I am in life has guided me to places I would not be otherwise.

NOTE: I will be back on Social Media soon I do miss seeing my friends happy posts. I do not miss the judgment I was getting thrown at me, however now I feel like I can let that slide off my back easier. It all just feels a lot lighter and not such a big deal these days. I am excited for this cleanse to be done but I am enjoying the days I am in it as well. I will do this cleanse 2 times a year I have decided. Will you join me next time? Or do you want to start now?

Food was on the go. I can not believe how busy we are with our kids. I mean kindergarten and preschool and we are on the go so much these days! Last night was the school carnival. It was sweet and I am glad we went but that means my dinner was not ate until almost 9 pm. Chai seed pudding with fruit and almond butter topped with nuts for the extra calories I knew I needed. Meal one was the Microgreen salad with pepitas for protein. Shakeology blended for snack with fruit. Vegetable soup from the booklet topped with seeds, hummus and avocado. Food was good today. Perfect for this Monday. I feel good.

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