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Ultimate Reset Day 18

Ultimate Reset Day 18/21

Is it weird that I am kind of sad this is coming to an end. Although I do miss eating dinner with the kids at night, they do eat the vegetable soup with me from the booklet Other than that I do not make them eat the same things I eat on this cleanse.

Yesterday was sure a test of my "practicing what I preach". I was so stressed. I was super late, so I thought, for my interview with MOMS EVERYDAY. The road construction took me on a detour to the middle of nowhere. I am talking at least 20-30 minutes out of my way. May was sick yesterday too. I was thinking is this for real! I have planned and prepped this and have been so excited and now I am not going to be able to even film it? I was discouraged and almost in tears. Then I stopped. "Adelei, what do you tell your classes?" When we get stressed or when we are late or whatever is taking over our thoughts I tell them to stop and say "I am calm, I am present, I am at peace". Take a deep breath in for 4 hold and out for 4. That is just what I did. I pulled over, calmed down and thought, "What is the worst thing that could happen if I am late?" So maybe we have to reschedule another day. That is not that big of a deal Addie! This is for sure not a life or death situation where I need to be stressing so badly. I was ok. I was late but actually they were running a few minutes behind so all was TOTALLY FINE! Had a blast and they even let me talk about BOTH of my BOOKS! I will let ya'll know when they air on NBC 15.

Food was not smartly prepared today. I am coming to a close on my cleanse and I am trying to eat what is all left before getting groceries again. Shakeology on the go for lunch. I made oat muffins and ate those too. They were not on the menu BUT all of the ingredients seemed to be an ok. I will post recipe soon- kids loved em too. I had a huge salad from the booklet today. I also had a big bowl of vegetable soup from the booklet. I honestly suggest making a pot of vegetable soup every week for a vegetable filler. It helps keep you in check but also my family loves it! Weight 139 and holding. I feel good but kind of tired today. I think it was the up all night with May being sick too.

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