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Ultimate Reset Day 19

Ultimate Reset Day 19

Friday again! Wow the weeks flew by, literally they did. See, the time goes by whether we eat healthy or not you guys. The time passes whether we feel good or feel lousy. Why not just make the best of our days here. If you would have started with me think how good you would feel right now. I am actually sad its coming to an end. Maybe not the entire eating part but the process of growing and learning and honestly the writing about it to you all every day. I love it!

Coming into this Friday is so different than my normal routine. Friday's are lazy here and we have popcorn and pizza for dinner normally. Kevin brings french fries home for the kids "French Fry Friday." They look so forward too it. BALANCE. We do not do take out on the norm. We hardly ever eat that way but once in a while - once a week it is ok to give in. I hate to call it a "cheat" that is so negative. Instead we call it a treat meal. I, of course don't say that to the kids we just talk about balance and what veggies, water and exercise do for our bodies, etc. But it is our treat once a week to have pizza or take out of some sort. It is ok. It is moderation. Last night I did not have any because of the cleanse though. This is the 3rd Friday I have not given into popcorn and pizza- I can not believe it. I did NOT think I would make it but I did and I am proud.

Meal one was Shakeology with my greens right in it. Meal 2 was Microgreen salad with some extras for cals from your booklet. Meal 3 was cabbage and peas (random but trying to get by until I get groceries.) Snack...I had these brownies. Technically all ingredients are safe except the cocoa powder. I will share the recipe VERY SOON. They were SO good and SO clean! I don't feel I cheated/treated at all with them. Weight 138 that is 10 whole pounds down! Holy cow! I never thought I would lose that much. But, if you remember my normal weight is 144 and I was up a few pounds when I started from the weekend splurge. I would say if we are being honest I lost about 6 pounds. I am unsure I will be realistic at this weight. I do feel my strongest and best at about 141. Kevin says I look to skinny, I am starting to agree this is not really "me'. I will be back to normal snacks soon (granola and yes popcorn). Until then I am not quitting now! 2 days to go!

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