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Ultimate Reset Day 2

Day 2/21 Ultimate Reset

I feel good today. I felt as though I was not as bloated. I wasn't. Weighing in 3 lbs lighter at 145 felt pretty good this morning. The food today was satisfying as well. I did still practice Intermittent Fasting, per the usual. Starting my food at 11 am ending around 7pm. I also did eat my meals in reverse too. A lot of you are asking me why? Why do you eat your breakfast at dinner? Because, if you know me you know I love to snack at night! I am THEEE night time snacker!! I knew that if I had to end my day of eating with salmon and lettuce I would NOT be satisfied. Ending with oatmeal and berries? Yes please!

I do have to say the biggest challenge has been chugging the power greens. It seems to be helping my digestion but it tastes, chalky. I usually drink it as fast as possible and follow immediately with my mineralized water. I also drank decaf tea today a few times. I felt a major hunger pain around 2 pm when my kiddos were snacking on my absolute FAVORITE snack ever, granola. I wanted to give in something terrible. I did not, happy to report! The tea helped.

Meal one was the Southwest taco on page 104 of the booklet. Instead of eating the tortilla cold I put it in the oven on broil for a few minutes so it tasted like a "chip". This was very delicious and filling. Meal two I had my leftover salmon and the greek salad on page 89. That was superb and I will be sure to have that dressing again. My snack, I changed from Shakeology today, for 1/2 C quinoa with 1/3 avocado. Dinner was again, oats and berries with non dairy yogurt from page 111.

I felt lighter and more energized in the afternoon hours. Where I used to feel tired and sluggish come 4 pm, I now feel a burst of zest in my life and it feels GOOD! I also notice, I am never feeling starved or overly hungry. After I am done eating I feel a comfortable full. I still did workout today as I had to teach YOGA (if you want a list of all my classes click here). I also have been doing at least 10 minutes of meditation daily and this one is too good to not share!

One thing I have to tell you, it will save you, is to make food your family ahead of time. This week I made my family Mexican Lasagna and Spaghetti to get them through the beginning of the week. At weeks end my husband can figure something out. I am hopeful anyway, fingers crossed! (Probably take out, lol)

This is all fun and games because it is only Tuesday, I expect that come Friday I am going to be cranky and ready for my routine popcorn and Pizza. That will be the rain on my parade, I am sure this weekend. I will tackle it as it comes. For now, feeling good!

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