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Ultimate Reset Day 7

Ultimate Reset Day 7

Sunday. Family day. I kept myself busy from teaching Soul Flow class to Sunday school. I came home and did loads of cooking and prepared my week somewhat. I have almost ate the same thing everyday this past week as I said earlier. Variety is NOT good for me while cleansing. Too many decisions leads to me wanting to eat everything. If I keep it simple then I don't even think about food and I just eat when it is time and what I have planned. I am excited to change the menu this week.

As you see below I ALWAYS cut up raw veggies on Sunday's to get us through part of the week then I do another batch mid week. I am sure to have these on hand and easy to access so we ALL make good decisions in this house. As I tell all of my clients to do. I also follow the rule (when not cleansing). Have ONE cup of raw vegetables before lunch and mid after noon along with 16 oz of water. This helps you to never feel super hungry and helps you make good decisions on what REAL HUNGER is VERSES MENTAL or EMOTIONAL HUNGER.

Weighing in at 143 still. I had to resist the temptation of those doughnuts you see May May girl holding onto in the picture below. Doughnuts used to be one of my FAVORITE snacks. When I was pregnant with the boys I think I ate them every single day. Bismark was the BEST! Now though, since my eating has changed, to me they just seem so filling and sugary. It did not take much self control or discipline to pass on those. ONCE YOU CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS YOUR TASTE BUDS WILL CHANGE! Trust me, trust the process, you CAN DO THIS TOO! If I can go from 235 pounds to now SO CAN YOU! Capeesh?

Meal one today was quinoa, beans, spinach and avocado. Meal two was the Microgreen salad from page 95 of your booklet. Meal three was oats and berries. My snack was celery and almond butter. It does say to only eat the snack daily if your really hungry and that I WAS! I think my working out still I just really need the snack and the calories still. I might even consider this week adding the "for Men" calories if needed. I love working out it keeps me sane and I ain't givin it up !

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