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Ultimate Reset Day 8

Ultimate Reset Day 8/21

Kevin says last night, "I don't really understand what your cleansing for, you eat healthy all the time?". I replied , "It is not about me".... to an extent. I do eat healthy, I didn't need to lose weight, I felt quite good already about my habits of clean eating. I was feeling puffy, yes, however I knew it would go away if I just ate like I normally do after a few days. So, then, why am I putting myself through 21 days without GRANOLA??? (My all time favorite snack, ask me the recipe).

I love challenges, I love learning, I love new recipes, I always know I can do better and be better. I am always practicing my health and fitness. I never know it all, it is a practice that I will keep learning and doing on this journey for the rest of my life, or as long as my body allows. I love to learn this to TEACH other's too. I decided that I am not just in it for me, how can I get this message to other's is always my first thought when I learn something new and amazing. It is like in my blood, my veins, it runs to the depths of my soul. Even when I want to shut it off, I can't. My head is CONSTANTLY thinking of how I can make things easier, not seem so intimidating, to others.

I started plant based living last May of 2018. I remember back in the day when I would hear, "Oh, they are Vegan", I would think, "Wow, so basically you eat lettuce and water?" I had NO clue what a vegan was or why they were. I NEVER judged them, per say, I was always intrigued, but at the same time I would dismiss and move on. I never thought I was able to EVER live that life style and I also felt NO need too. I loved meat and dairy, I mean CHEESE! YES!! I was raised thinking milk was one of the only ways to get calcium in your bones and I thought that animal protein was the only way for my anemic body.

The more I did the dive into nutrition becoming a certified Nutrition Specialist, the more I studied the why's and how's of eating plant based. The more I realized that my husband was in the line of heart disease and high blood pressure, the more I opened my mind up and stepped out of the box I was once raised in.

I live in the Midwest. Dairy farming is what this area is all about. I SUPPORT my ethical farmers in my small town. I do! But, we eat in moderation the meats the cheeses, etc. I don't know about you but if you put a plate of cheese in front of me I would devour it in no time thinking that it was a "healthier option" because it had no carbs! Do any of you think this way? That if the carbs are low you can eat as much as you want? Have no fear, I have been there and sorry, you are wrong, to an extent just as I was.

Back to my reasons for cleansing. I saw that this product had some amazing recipes and all of the reviews said you feel full and satisfied almost all of the time. It said it eases animal products out slowly and teaches you other possibilities for protein and all the macronutrients we need. I needed a SLOW and STEADY way to teach my friends, customers and anyone else who would listen on how you can switch to plant based living MOST of the time.

YES, I will eat pizza and ice cream again. But, I am picky and my body is worth the best. I will not eat it daily it will be special for myself and my family. I am sure that in this whole big world of people I can't help EVERYONE, but I know that everyone can help SOMEONE and that is something I will keep aiming for.

I finally got to change the menu this week as I am eating the same thing weekly to keep it simple. Weighing in at 141 today on this Monday morning was kind of surreal. I am almost always up 3-5 pounds on Monday's from weekend treats, not this weekend though. Down 7 pounds and holding. Meal one was Microgreen salad from page 95 of your booklet. Meal 2 was sweet potato bisque from page 107. Snack was chai seed pudding from page 74 of booklet. Meal 3 I made up on my own. I missed my oats and berries SO much but I can tell that we are trying to eliminate some grains in this phase SO I opted for Avocado pudding. I mixed 1 avocado with 2 TBS almond butter and 2 TBS of chai seeds. Set in fridge for a few hours. I added 1 frozen banana when I ate. It was delicious and just what I needed. You know me, I am a nighttime snacker so for my last meal of the day it had to be a little sweet!

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