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Ultimate Reset Day 9

Ultimate Reset Day 9

I have to admit something that is kind of embarrassing to me. Although I have been in this fitness industry for over 10 years I have to admit that I still was letting food control me. Yes, I did lose the 85 pounds and gained a much healthier relationship with food in the past but I still think it had a little control over me that I was unaware of.

Do you ever feel like you are thinking about the next meal? What about the guilt you felt when over eating? What about the thought of "I am on a diet, what am I going to eat when we go to the party?" Then you decide " I just won't eat all day long and then I can eat whatever I like when I get there?" Ever feel that? Ever say to yourself "I am going to start Monday and spend the whole day Sunday planning the next diet you will try? " I am not going to eat any carbs this week and I will be sure to drop 5 lbs by Friday." Did you ever say that? How about " No sugar for me, no fat, not eating after 6 pm, no cake at the party, no this and that?" Do you ever think these things? Then you my friend, you let food control you too sometimes.

Yes, I do believe researching and trying new things is always good, but when it comes to your diet the bottom line is this.....are you ready for my huge bombshell secret?...

EAT CLEAN MOST OF THE TIME and MOVE YOUR BODY! That is it, that is the big secret. You have to give up and say NO to nothing! You don't. Eat in moderation, good, healthy, whole foods most of the time and then have your treats when you must. Stop telling yourself "NO" to so many things. I don't know about you but when I am told I "CAN'T" have something I want it even more!

Now that food has become less and less the boss of me and my life for some time, I have had SO much more time for other things. Yesterday my food was all planned on this cleanse. I thought and decided what I would have Sunday and now the week I don't have to think about it at all. Too many decisions with food can often derail you as well. Keep it simple and keep it clean most of the time and you will win! Yesterday we made these fun bird feeder's. Another reason this "job" is fun is that I get paid to experiment. I have a few columns and a couple television segments coming up (stay tuned) and I had to do some research on homemade gifts. This was a fun one! (picture below and recipe's for all of my DIY gifts coming soon just in time for the holiday).

I feel good weighing in the same at 141. I have more energy in the afternoon hours then I did before. I feel less bloat and I feel just overall in a good mood almost all the time. When you make good decisions and stay disciplined the reward is greatly felt not just physically but mentally and emotionally. I think the 10 minutes of meditation daily and starting my day with a devotion has made all the difference. I used to immediately start the day with checking messages and scrolling social media, that was not a good way to wake up AT ALL. Now, I slow down wake up with intent and purpose to start my day.

Meal one microgreen salad from page 95 of your booklet. Meal 2 was the sweet potato bisque that I am going to feature this week in my TCP column because it was that good and easy. Meal 3 was my own creation and stemmed off of the snack list in your booklet. 1/8 C chai seeds soaked in water for 30 minutes. I added 1/2 cup raspberries and warmed it up in the microwave. Topped with 1 TBS of almond butter and coconut with a few pistachio's. This was more calories than a snack calls for but I could tell I needed the extra cals to get through the day as I taught a flow class this morning and also did a little workout of my own for 20 minutes. Dinner was boring and LATE! We had Boyscouts until almost 8pm which meant I was not eating till after 9. 1/2 C quinoa, 1/4 C chickpeas with an avocado and steamed spinach. It was fine. I was so tired I was not hungry but knew I needed to eat.

Are you ready to hop on with me? Fill this out!




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