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Vegetable Soup (Freezer Meal)

I love this idea and will be doing more of these for sure! I had someone ask me the other day about what to do if there family wont eat leftovers! How do you meal prep?? I don’t know – I thought – because my family is always eating leftovers! So, I thought about this for awhile.

I came across this idea on Cooking Light, I believe. This freezer in a ziploc idea or even in the fridge for the week. I remember a friend telling me about this pressure cooker thing that makes a meal in like 30 minutes. I always use the crockpot but some people are really gone like 12 hours a day and don’t want to leave it on all day- so this pressure cooker idea is GREAT!! You make these Ziploc meals on Sunday- keep them in fridge and grab one when you get home throw it in the pressure cooker and it should be done in 30 minutes. So – my plan this week is to come up with some good ideas for the ziploc and the pressure cooker or crockpot!

Veggie soup!

I just chopped up what I had






Zucchini (yellow and green)

Sweet potato

And BEANS ( I buy my beans raw and soak overnight-you could buy canned )

½ C of raw quinoa

Dump all this in the ziploc with a jar of salsa some parsley and a few leaves of basil also ajar of tomato paste and then just closed it and labeled it!

You then dump it in your crock or pressure cooker with a carton of low sodium veggie broth and water to cover the veggies and cook ( I did a crockpot all day on low but I am sure the pressure cooker will be faster- I have yet to try this!- I will ask for one for Christmas!)

*note you can make a double batch and freeze one!


1.5 C for a Green and ½ yellow


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