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❤️Waiting area for the kids❤️We have that too❤️

❤️When I first had this vision for the studio I wanted it to be called, Platteville Family Fitness. I have been a stay at home momma for almost 7 years and I remember times I just wanted to get out and be with people and I couldn't because I had no one to watch the kiddos! (We decided on Platteville Cycling and Fitness Studio for the name so we could get the point across that we were different, we offer a different type of workout than anything around this area!)

❤️If you are one of those parents who just wants to get out for a bit, get healthy, meet some new friends, then bring the kids with you!

❤️I have created a waiting area for kids (I won't judge you if they are on a tablet mine are getting Kids Kindle for their bday! An hour a day won't hurt them!) Or they can just sit and watch ya get your fit on, what a good thing for them to see! If they are over 11 sign then up for a class to take with you!

❤️The entire point of this studio is to just get health into homes. Kids, adults, men, women everyone is welcome. There is a class for all (little kids classes coming this summer!)

❤️So, if you have never worked out before or if you are experienced, we are here with open arms to lift ya up, create friendships, cheer one another on to just do our best.

❤️Have fun getting fit with us!

See ya in class!

$5 special still going- spots open for Tuesday and Wednesday! Sign up here! Grand open May 3! ❤️Tell Your Friend's❤️

❤️In Spirit, Ad


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