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🙋‍♀️Wellness Wednesday!❤️

❤️Hey! Did ya'll check out the Workout of the Week yet? Click here!

❤️Think on this today....

✨"Chronic Attention to unwanted things holds you in a place of disallowing your physical well being, which then puts you in a constant state of resistance to all of the desires you that you DO want to come forth in your life."✨

🤩You see, YOU MUST FEEL GOOD NOW to be able to get into a state of ALLOWING all of the abundance, peace, health and prosperity that you are seeking.

🤔"How do I feel good NOW, when everything seems BAD?" you ask...

1. Use your guidance system (aka emotions/feelings) to tell you if a thought feels good or bad.

2. If it is a good feeling thought stay there as LONG AS YOU CAN. You are now in a state of allowing more goodness to come!

3. If it feels bad CHOOSE A DIFFERENT THOUGHT that feels better. Even if you just start to name things that you are thankful for. Even if it is just your thankful for your legs, arms, air conditioning, hot water, a house, your car. Something VERY SIMPLE that you can redirect your "bad" feeling over to.

4. Once there you will start to draw more good thoughts in little by little.

5. Sit back and let your life unfold with ease just the way you had hoped it would.

✨"That which is like unto itself will be drawn. TELL THE STORY OF HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE and YOU WILL LIVE IT!✨ -a.hicks

😎So, my dear friends. You see- it is that simple. Stop using your mind to overthink EVERYTHING.

Today your affirmation is..

❤️"My Mind is Clear" (breath in) "I am that" (breath out)

❤️"Everything is ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME" (breath in) "I am that" (breath out)

❤️Even if you can stay in this state for 1 minute each morning before you get out of bed that is an AMAZING WAY TO START!

It's gonna be a good day!

In Spirit, Ad


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