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What I ate TODAY!

Ok, so basically I eat more than I ever have and I am in better shape now, after 4 kids, than I ever have been in my whole life.

Food is for fuel- when we get that in our heads we start to respect food more. We start to eat to live not live to eat (check out my book by the way eat2LIV on sale now!)

When we really listen to our bodies and feed it what it wants, REAL, WHOLE foods, that is when the magic happens.

I used to literally STARVE to be skinny. I would eat nothing all day then binge at night and on weekends. It was a vicious cycle that lasted several years. I was thin but unhealthy.

I gained 85 pounds in my first pregnancy. I lost the weight, yes, but that is not all I lost. I lost the unhealthy relationship with food. I lost that feeling that food was bad and that if I didn't eat it I would be skinny. I lost that urge to eat only crappy foods that fed my mind more than my body. I lost the pain the binge caused the next day by bloating and becoming puffy and groggy. This is not about weight, this is about learning to appreciate the tastes of real, from the earth, food.

So, for you, here is one day in my world of eats....

Breakfast is always the same for me...

Shakeology with a half frozen banana and almond milk along with ice. I use a ninja to mix.

This blend of phytonutrients helps get the yuck out and the good stuff in. It gives me the burst of energy I need with a low glycemic index I never feel a crash in the morning with this! It helps debloat and makes my skin, hair and nails strong. Along with digestive powers and keeping me regular too ...tmi?

Lunch was magnificent, to say the least. I felt no need for my morning snack as I practice Intermittent Fasting. To learn more about my nutrition plans or any other questions you may have on your health journey click Health Coaching with Addie.

This looks harder than it was - it took less than 10 minutes.

To start I sautéed a handful of kale in a tsp of coconut oil on the stove until tender. I only like cooked kale and I know the benefits of kale so I just put the work in and cook it for a few minutes.

Once the kale was cooked to my liking I threw it in a bowl and added

1/4 C walnuts

1/2 Sliced avocado

1/2 a chopped pear and apple

1/4 C blueberries

I topped this with an amazing dressing I whipped up..

Blend in your bullet:

1 tsp maple syrup

2 TBS almond butter

2 TBS sesame oil

salt and pepper

small squirt of sirachi

1 tsp of everything but the bagel season

a dash of water

blend well.

I used half the mixture on my salad and saved the other half for tomorrow!

Dinner was superb and not tough at all to make. I just baked a bunch of chopped vegetables that I had in my fridge. Topped with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Placed in the oven at 425 for about 25 minutes until golden. On the grill I cooked the salmon skin down on medium for 10-15 minutes. I did prep the salmon first with about a TBS of Ghee and Everything But the Bagel (I use this season A LOT).

After all was cooked I topped this with some avocado, 1/4 C of cooked quinoa and hummus. It was truly delicious and filling!

At nights end I usually am finished eating. However, today was one of those days. One of those days that leads you up to calling your neighbor to ask if she has an extra bottle of red on hand. My luck she did. I walked all the kids down the road and had a small glass with her and a small glass when I got home. Added some dark chocolate and chocolate covered almonds for flavors that literally burst in your mouth with goodness.

Not too much- just enough. I say about 4-6 oz on your wine and 1/4 C on your chocolate/nut mix.

All and all it was a good and filling day. I had the energy to power through and I never felt deprived once.