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🧘‍♀️Affirm today that your mind is clear.

🤓Mondays can lead you down a path sometimes to a place that can seem overwhelming, uncertain and maybe even a little, for lack of a better word, "blah" feeling.

😻It doesn't have to be that way though. It can change and it can start today.

🙋‍♀️So many of us have been SO TRAINED by the opinions and thoughts of others that we have totally lost our connection with who WE REALLY ARE. What we really want. Where we want to go. What we like to do, eat , say.

😇We have been exposed to and listened to others for so long that we have gotten lost and forgotten our own Guidance System.

🤩Our Guidance System that gives us a clear, easy, ever flowing path to the peace, love, hope and prosperity that we all desire in this life. We all deserve. Freedom. Free from worry, fear, stress anxiety. Free from resistant thoughts that hold you back. Free from illness. Free from doubt. Free from doing what we 'think' we "should" be doing and free to do do what WE WANT TO DO.

😎How do we know what we want when we are all consumed with the constant exposure to what others are telling us is right?

🤔First, think on this. What if they are wrong? What if everything we have been trained and told to do, think, say and be, what if it was wrong?

✨You won't know what brings you true joy in this life unless you have a clear mind. ✨

🕺🏻Clarity is the real way to freedom. A mind that is clear is the EASIEST path to least resistance. Meaning it is the easiest way to get from low emotions to HIGH emotion feelings.

⭐️If you are not listening to how you feel then you are IGNORING YOUR GREATEST GIFT of ALL.

💫Your imagination will show you to all of your hopes and dreams that your highest self wants to feel its very best💫

🌝Your imagination will lead you to good feelings which then puts you in alignment with your inner being (your Source, God, Universe, whatever you refer to), which then leads you to PURE FREEDOM.

🌈All that you could hope for will start to come to you with little or no effort because you are all lined up and ready for it!

🧘‍♂️Affirm all day long that "MY MIND IS CLEAR" when anything less than clear tries to slip in.

🥳Then start to feel good. That is all you need to do!

🙌So simple- Almost too simple,huh? That is how it was always intended to be- WE (meaning our ego) just made it way to difficult by OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING.

❤️Stop thinking. Feel good. The end❤️.

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