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What is NEW!

Our schedule! Adding some classes/ changing a few up. Meeting the needs of all members from old to young, beginners to advanced- filling your cup spiritually and physically.

We are here to make your life calmer, more peaceful and to help you see the beauty that lies right within.

New to the schedule:

Energy Flow

Dancing Yogi

Postural Yoga

Faith- Filled Yoga

All Class Descriptions here

"Living in a state of fear is almost comfortable for some as it is all we might know. Giving yourself permission to be labeled as weak is sometimes easier than stepping up and becoming who you are truly meant to be. Let us let go of these labels and judgments, the stories we tell ourselves.

In class you will start to release some of your inner resistance and start to live in the FULLNESS of your spirit. This might just change your life my friend. How will you know unless you try?" - Addie

Still time to join me today for 8:15 am Beginner Yoga at Tristate Fitness.

Sign up NOW for tomorrow's 6:00 am Dancing Yogi class RIGHT HERE!

February P.O.M. Schedule Below

Don't forget Tuesdays 8:15 am-9 Dancing Yoga and Thursdays 8:15 am-9 Beginner Yoga at Tri- State Fitness

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