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What is so wrong with MEDIOCRE?

What is wrong with just being ok? When did we all get so wrapped up in perfection anyway? Why do we think that we have to be extreme in any sense to stand out? You know what I mean. If we don’t have the best, look the best, drive the best, do the best....are we irrelevant? Are we now just mediocre? Ok, and if we are mediocre. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with just kind of “getting by” in life? Who decided that to be happy we had to excel? We had to beat out the competition? Who has made it seem like if you are not the richest, smartest, best looking you don’t count? Why is it that those who seem to be doing better than us become a ‘threat”?

Why do we feel “not good” enough most of the time?

Here is what. I have been home with basically no engagement from the outside world at all. I don’t have tv. I do not have the news. I don’t have social media. I am unable to teach classes right now. I found myself on the couch today at noon resting and holding my girl in my arms thinking to myself “what is wrong with this?” What is wrong with laying on the couch at noon on a weekday? Where did I learn that if I am not always doing something productive, I am failing at life?

We live in this world where we see the highest of highlights and the lowest of low lights. We never see the in between. We never see the mediocre lives that 99% of us live on a given day. We don’t see any of this because on social media and the news, where we have decided all truth exists, we have decided in our head that this is how everyone lives life but us. When in complete reality, it is not.

Can I tell you something? Almost ALL of the time people are doing the same thing you and I are doing. Get up, go to work, go to school, eat, sleep, wake up and do it all again. MOST of the population, 99% of us, do not get to take extreme vacations, live this life of luxury with constant highs and lows happening every single day. Most of us don’t have a whole heck of a lot of excitement at all going on.

Be good with it. Be good with the mediocre life you guys. That means things are alright. Lay on the couch and look at your kids or pets for too long on a Tuesday. Read a book that is not “self helping” you for once. Eat some cake. Skip a workout. Take a sick day. Just realize that being “OK”...is a great thing. Being ok is actually quite amazing giving the circumstances we cross in everyday life.

Be ok with being ok. Live your life for you. Don’t try to beat out anyone. Most of us are doing just the same as you are. We are all just living a pretty simple and normal life.

When we stop looking around at how great others are doing. Stop dwelling on the HIGH’s and LOW’s of others and start to just sit in our regular life. You will start to see that it is so much easier to just be content with what you got going on than killing yourself to beat out someone else’s highlights.

Your friend in Mediocracy,



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