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Why am I so Edgy this Week?

One year ago today I lost my sweet baby, Liv.

I have been wondering why I have been so on edge and so emotional. I thought it was just the kiddos starting school but doing some more digging I realized....it was this week.

This week that I went into that ultra sound room for a routine check up only to have her tell me there was no heart beat. I will never forget that earth shattering scream I let out and the sweet nurse holding me in my tears. I will never forget that call to Kevin. I will never forget that feeling of being so alone I could not even bare it. I will never forget the isolation in those months that came after it all.

Peeling back the layers on my mood swings and emotional eating this week I have come to realize that I need not just a GUT reset but also a MINDBODY reset. I do so much that I started to stop enjoying what I am even doing.

I am not leaving you all I am just cleansing my body as well as my mind. Here is what is great...I will be writing daily on the struggles of this 21 day mind and body detox right here at www.HealthyHairdresserAddie.com. Be sure to click the link, enter your email and follow.

What really brings me joy is writing. I have spent close to 2 years on my next book and I NEED to give it ALL of me to get it out into the hands of those that need it most, my fellow mommas and sisters.

Not just half of me ALL of me is what "Momming It' needs right now. This is my heart and my soul this is what my vision has been for years, since I started IVF 6 years ago I saw this book and here it is. My energy needs to go there.

I still want to chat with ya'll so please questions direct to my email healthyhairdresseraddie@gmail.com and again follow my detox journey and book publishing journey here at www.HealthyHairdresserAddie.com

Cheers, Ad **werisebyliftingothers** today, tomorrow, forevs