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❤️Why Cycling?❤️

❤️Why have I decided to get into the whole cycling thing? After 20 years of high impact exercise I finally decided to give my body a break. Yes, Yoga is great for this and Pilates too (see my PIYO class info here) but those don't seem to get the heart rate up as much and I love a good, calorie burning sweat. It just feels great!

❤️ for so many years can be hard on the joints but I loved that feeling when I was done. How can I copy that same calorie burn and muscle toning workout without pounding away at my bones? ❤️I took my first cycling class in 2000 at the Princeton Club in Madison. I was new, I was scared and so nervous. I had no clue how to work these bikes. I knew no one in class. I had never even been to a "gym" besides the gym at my school back home. But, I love to try new things and I always have, so I did it.

❤️Fast forward a few years and I actually started teaching at that very same gym! My life changed completely with Group Fitness. It was a sense of belonging, accountability and the friendships I have created through the years have been some of the closest friendships I have ever had.

❤️When you are in a Group Fitness class the energy in the room is like no other. Everyone just wants the best for each other and judgement never stands a chance. We are in it for the same reasons, to have fun and get our health on!

❤️I don't know about you but if it isn't fun I am not doing it!

❤️Join us at Platteville Cycling and Fitness Studio! Step out of your comfort zone with me at the place WHERE FIT IS FUN!

❤️1 spot left for Saturday's class and a few for Sundays Soul Cycle! Sign up HERE!

❤️In Spirit, Ad

❤️A little of my progress this week! The start to my 8 hour day of putting bikes up (with help of course)


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