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❤️Do you ever notice that sometimes the people closest to you test your patience the most?

❤️Why is that? Why is it that the ones we love the most are the ones that can irritate us more than anyone else?

❤️They say that those people that test our patience the most, they are our biggest teachers in this life.

❤️Don't take everything so personal. Your goal is to just feel good ALL OF THE TIME. That is not, NOT, an over statement. You should feel good 99.9 % of your life. And if you don't that is on you. Yes, you.

❤️You see, we are all on our own journey. We basically chose every trial and every task in this life. So did they. So stop worrying so much about the other person and start focusing on your flame.

❤️ I spoke in class this week about keeping your flame lit. That should be the most of your concern. YOUR FLAME LIT first! Even over your children, spouse, parent, significant other. OVER ANYONE. First, you should FEEL GOOD.

❤️You can NOT GIVE SOMETHING YOU DON'T HAVE FOR YOURSELF. You can't give love, joy , peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith fullness, gentleness if you don't have it inside you, first.

❤️Stop making other people's journey about you. If they are bugging you. If they are testing you. If they are even making your skin crawl someday's. Remember this.....IT AIN'T about you. It is about them. Be thankful for them then let it go.

❤️Today I want you to envision a candle flame inside of you. Anything that starts to draw in negative emotions is a sign that your candle is starting to flicker. Your job, YOUR ONLY JOB, today is to keep that flame lit. If someone's opinions or a situation or the media or whatever else your focus is on is starting to make that flame flicker YOU MUST release that negative energy immediately and replace it with a positive thought of feeling good.

❤️Why give more energy on the negative going on all around us. If we do that we just feed into it and make it bigger. But, if we put our energy in all of the good all around us (and it is there I promise), that is what we feed. Our flame stays bright and does not even flicker....that is when we can be a light TO EVERYONE ELSE IN OUR LIFE.

❤️The people who test you the most are your biggest teachers. Once you can LOVE them unconditionally, even when it is HARD. That is when the ANGELS will RECOGNIZE themselves in YOU and will guide you through this life.

Affirmations to start your week. Before each one take a DEEP BREATH IN then say the prayer and breath out. Picture your light burning brighter with each inhale.

I know that I am a pure spirit

The angels are guiding me today

My mind is clear

My flame is bright

Nothing even will come close to flickering the lightness inside of me

I feel GOOD today

I am excited to see how this day will unfold

I am confident, patient, peaceful and kind today.

I choose only foods that fuel me and make me feel good today

My body is strong and beautiful

I am love

I am love

I am love

In Spirit (aka Inspired),


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