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Luke 18 says “Always Pray and NEVER give up.”

Does prayer really help? Does it change things? I mean- if God already has the plan in our life and knows what is going to happen to us and made the decisions for us LONG before we were even born. THEN, why pray? Are we really going to change the Great God’s mind and decisions? Likely, not. So, then why are we praying?

I will never forget the day my mom walked in my house with a statue of Mary and this prayer called “The Miracle Prayer.” I am like- “Ok, Mom- whatevs. You really think a statue of Mary and some “Miracle Prayer” is going to help me become pregnant?" Really, that is all she's got? This was the year 2010, I didn’t know God at all really. Not like I know him now. Mom believed if you put a statue of Mary in your home- the mother of JESUS that you too would become a mom. I think she read this somewhere. I am at the point where I am going to do whatever, because it can't hurt right? So, there she stood- Good ole Mary and the Miracle prayer hanging full force on the fridge.

I was not mad at God at this point – I already had my issues with God when he took my dad and my sweet cousin away from me in the same year. So, I was not mad at him for not being pregnant. I was just confused and hurt and wondering what I did for this punishment. What we did wrong that we were not supposed to have kids? I guess I thought God new I was not motherly. That is where I was on those long hard days 9 years ago. Thinking God was punishing me and thinking mamma was crazy for wanting me to “pray” about it.

Why pray? I was praying for like 2 years and nothing. So, why am I praying? I mean praying super hard prayers can not bring our loved ones back, can it? It cant change the diagnosis of an illness, can it? It can't really change things—or can it?

I did it anyway. I prayed…I prayed everyday …I actually even prayed the rosary every single day-. Thinking repetitive prayer was the ticket. I prayed to Mary and to Jesus and to God. I prayed to all my loved ones in heaven. I did-! Then, something happened……all of this praying – something changed. I didn’t magically become pregnant. BUT...

I began to have HOPE. Hope that God was doing everything in his perfect timing. I started to change my prayer to what Jesus taught us in the Bible “thy will be done.” Praying to God to help me to accept his will for me- FOR him to help me pray for the things that his “will” intended for me. I prayed for babies- yes of course….but I started to pray for His will and for me to accept it.

THAT is a game changer- it is. When you start to realize that YOUR plan might not be the ULTIMATE plan and start to realize that GODS WILL is the plan that is when prayer starts to really work. I know there are things we don’t understand- I know. I also no that I have four beautiful babies so you think it is easy for me to say prayer works. BUT- I had many opportunities to give up on GOD and prayer. I didn’t.


Because prayer gives us HOPE and in this broken world- what else do we have. Prayer may not change everything you want it to change….but don’t give up. You will see how your prayer works when you start praying for God’s WILL and not YOUR OWN. I hope this helps.

“”Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.” (1 Peter 4:12-13)