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WHY this STAY AT HOME MOMMA is NERVOUS AS H-E double hockey sticks!

I have had so much fun writing both of my books, my column in the Tri-County Press and now my new column in HER magazine! With all of that though there has been some unsettling inside of me too.

Summer lovin coming to an end and full fall schedule coming into major effect has led me to feel a bit nervous about what the future will hold for me. A stay at home mom for FIVE years with all of my kids heading out the door soon to now live their own life, I can't help but wonder, what will I do with mine?

Don't get me wrong, I know I am a busy bee. I write and run health programs, teach momma's how to get their groove on through hip hop dance. I come up with meal plans to help get yourself back on track for those in need! My book is in editing now and will be released in October. I have a few speaking engagements coming up as well as a new Spiritual Flow yoga course I am going to be offering this fall. I know my plate is beyond full to measure, but a part of me still feels like I am looking, seeking for something more. I am able to do all of this as a stay at home momma, yes, but what if I want to get back out in the working world? What if I want to start being in a physical work place with actual people, face to face? What if I miss that all?

I know so many people search and search and work SUPER hard to find their purpose and their place. I know that so many people are looking to be their own boss and would love to work from home!  I know this. And yet, here I am wanting to get back out there! I miss people, I miss co-workers, I miss a schedule, I miss it! I miss it a lot.....

SO, what does the future hold for this one time career women in the big city turned stay at home momma in the stix? Well, one can only tell, I have an idea and it just might surprise the hell out of ya!

Stay tuned to find out~

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